DIY Ice Cream Party Hats!


Hey All! So this is by far the simplest DIY I’ve ever done and it literally takes only a few…

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DIY Rainbow Sun Hat!


Hey All! Each summer I throw together a fun DIY sun hat and this years hat is of course a…

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Fun & Easy DIY Ice Cream Jewelry!


Hey All! To match those DIY Ice Cream Queen Sunnies, you’re going to need some fun ice cream jewelry. No…

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DIY Ice Cream Queen Sunglasses!


Hey All! We’re officially kicking off our ice cream month posts with these adorable DIY Ice Cream Queen Sunglasses aka…

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DIY Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk!


Hey All! Happy first official day of summer! It’s the official start to fun in the sun and nothing beats…

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DIY Rainbow Sequin & Patch Baseball Caps!


Hey All! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing these cute baseball caps all over for the summer….

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Easy DIY Rainbow Beach Sandals!


Hey All! I’m sure you’re aware that I’m obsessed with all things rainbow. It’s all I’m wearing all summer along…

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DIY Retro Digital Pet aka Tamagatchi Pet Easter Eggs!


Hey All! Kicking off our Throwback nostalgic Easter Egg DIY’s with these DIY Digital Pet aka Tamagatchi Easter Eggs! How…

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