Happy Buffy Day & Friday!


Hey All! It’s the weekend and I’m going to spend it binging episodes of Buffy and LOVE on Netflix. In…

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Happy Fri-Yay and Fab Finds!


Hey All! It’s the weekend and I’m going to have me some fun by getting to go to an advanced…

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Happy Fab Friday Finds From Alt Summit!


Photo on Instagram Hey All! Waving “Hi” from the colorful paradise that is the Saguaro hotel here in Palm Springs…

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It’s My Birthday & Holiday Fun Finds!


Hey All! It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m going to have me a super fun jam packed weekend! Maybe I’ll…

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It’s Almost Halloween & Fab Finds!


Let’s Flamingle! Love it! Hey All! It’s #Flamingle Friday! It’s been such an awesome week! I’ve been feeling the love…

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Halloween Catch Up & Fab Finds Of The Week!


I NEED ONE OF THESE CUPCAKES RIGHT NOW! Hey All! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately. We’ve been dealing…

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A Halloween Filled Week & Happy Friday!


Hey All! Yay! It’s Friday! It was a very busy and Halloween filled week, in case you couldn’t tell by…

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It’s Friday & Halloween Is In Full Effect!


Hey All! I’m sad summer is officially over, but ice cream is all year long in my book.Β  These are…

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