10 tips to Organize Your Kids Payroom! #WallTracks.

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We all know how hard it is for your kids to let go of their toys. If it was up to them they would be standing on top of a mountain of toys and they would be the ruler of that mountain. It’s hard because on one hand you don’t want to get rid of them because it feels like OH MY GOD my baby is growing up and if some of the toys go then I’ll be getting rid of some of his childhood! And then on the other when the toys have gotten out of control and you need to get it organized and you’re tired of having toys everywhere except in the play room and you want to not live in clutter then you need to find a way to get organized!

These are my 1o fabulous tip for organizing your kids play room so that your home doesn’t turn into the play room!

1. My First tip is to get a toy box or organizing system like the one you see in the pics above! You need something to divide the toys and craft supplies, and just something to keep everything organized. Bins are a life saver. You can label them and they look neater.

2.Don’t allow any more toys to be bought unless you approve it first. Let people know what you have an excess off so you don’t get any more toys since you probably can’t already fit all the toys you have

3. Donate toys that your child no longer plays with! There are so many needy kids out there who would love toys especially for the upcoming holidays.


4. Start to make organizing the play room a game for your kids so that they can learn to keep it organized themselves.

5. Whenever you’re kids are done with a game teach them to always put the toys back where they found them.

6. Try to limit the amount of toys your child can take out at one time. Make a 2 toy at a time rule.

7. Make sure you don’t have a bigger than needed storage area for the toys. If you have an storage system that is smaller that may be better than a bigger one because it will limit how many toys can fit in the bins and force you to keep the organization.

8. Make a rule that if a toy hasn’t been used or played with in One-Year it goes! It will keep your playroom super tidy if you keep it organized by getting rid of toys you don’t use.

9. You all know I love my lists, why not Keep a list in your planner labeled “Toys we Have and don’t need and Toys we Don’t have and need”  So when your out shopping you don’t forget what toys you already have and buy double of the same toy.

10. And my last but not least play rooms are for that “PLAYING” try to make your kids stay in that area for playing. Once they learn it’s ok to leave the play room with all their toys they think it’s ok to turn your into home into the play room. Try to keep the toys in the play room so you only have to keep the play room organized and the whole house is not one big play room!

Those are my tips for helping you keep your kids and playroom organized! Hope you liked them and hope they keep you organized from now on. They help me and I hope they help you!

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