5 Creative Ways To Wrap Your Holiday Gifts!

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6 Creative Easy Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

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The holidays are upon us and today I wanted to share 5 easy and creative ways to wrap your holiday gifts this year. Let’s take our wrapping skills to a whole new level this year! There are so many fun things you can do with Scotch® brand home and office tape products. Your gifts will not only look like you spent a ton of time wrapping, but they will look like you got them wrapped by a professional wrapper at a department store. Fabulous gift wrapping is always the best. I always head to Staples this time of year and stock up on some Scotch Double Sided Tape, Scotch Magic Tape and gift wrap tape. It’s the only tape I use to wrap my holiday gifts. This year I decided to get creative with my wrapping, so I also picked up some fun Scotch® brand Expressions tapes. I specifically got a variety of glitter washi tapes and washi tapes with fun prints and solid colors. The Scotch® glitter washi tapes caught my eye as they were on a main display in my Staples stores. And HELLO, it’s glitter. Of course I would want these tapes. They are definitely easy to find if you venture out to staples to try these fun wrapping ideas.


The first idea I want to share is, making some fun glitter gift tags for your gifts with some Scotch® double sided tape. You simply get yourself some of this tape, some gift tags and some glitter to make these fabulous tags. You can find all of this at Staples.

You place some strips of Scotch Double Sided Tape onto your gift tags and then proceed to pour the glitter on your tags once the tags are completely covered with tape.


The glitter completely hides the tape and blends together to create a seamless looking glitter covered gift tag. I used gold and silver glitter, but you can use any color glitter you want. The second wrapping idea I wanted to share involves using a variety of the glitter and printed Scotch® brand Expressions tapes and washi tapes. There are so many fun gift boxes out there with amazing prints on them, you don’t even have to buy wrapping paper any more. You can simply use some Expressions washi tape to decorate the boxes.

DIY-Black, Red and White-Holiday Gift Wrap Idea-1

For this fun red, white, and black printed box I made a T shape with some red washi tape and some black glitter washi tape.

DIY-Black, Red and White-Holiday Gift Wrap Idea-2

I also made a bow with the black glitter washi tape. You simply loop the tape around your finger and leave a portion of the sticky back open. You use some double sided tape as well to make sure it’s secure on your package. You do a few loops for each side of your bow.

DIY-Black, Red and White-Holiday Gift Wrap Idea-3

You also do a loop for the middle and then you have an adorable bow made from your tape. Add your glitter gift tag and it’s one perfectly wrapped gift.

DIY-Black, Red and White-Holiday Gift Wrap Idea

You can also do this in a variety of ways and with a variety of printed and glitter washi tapes.


You can also make it simple and just wrap only the edges of your gift box with glitter washi tape.


Once again make a bow from the glitter washi tape, this time with only two loops for the sides of the bow and one loop for the middle.


This is a very quick and simple wrapping idea, that still looks super chic.


It’s such an adorable and dainty wrapped holiday gift.


My third gift wrapping idea actually involves some wrapping paper. Instead of wrapping the whole gift box in wrapping paper, simply wrap the middle of the box with a piece of wrapping paper.

DIY Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap

Use some gift wrap tape and some washi tape to hole the wrapping paper in place. I used this fun solid red washi tape over my gold dot wrapping paper. I finished the gift wrapping off by placing some gold and white bakers twine around the middle to create a bow.

Gold Wrapped Gift

It gives it a sweet and simple holiday touch. My fourth gift wrapping idea, I call it the Brite & Bubbly gift wrap. You’ll need some amazing pink and blue glitter washi tape and some colorful dot washi tape.

DIY Brite And Bubbly Holiday Gift Wrap-1

You simply create three lines of washi tape side by side on your box. You wrap the lid of your box vertically and horizontally with the tape. You also wrap a piece of glitter tape around the bottom of the box.

DIY Brite And Bubbly Holiday Gift Wrap-2

Add your glitter gift tag for the most perfect holiday wrapped gift. It’s super colorful and fun!

DIY Brite And Bubbly Holiday Gift Wrap

I would be over the moon if I got a gift wrapped like this on Christmas morning. You can also switch up the colors with whatever washi tapes you use. I love the tapes with the colorful dots on them. It reminds me of our Brite & Bubbly logo, which I love!

DIY Brite And Bubbly Holiday Gift Wrap-3

Our fifth and final gift wrap idea is making some fun bows with the Scotch® brand Expressions packing tapes. I loved the print of this tape and I thought it would make the perfect print to make a bow out of for a holiday gift.

DIY Black and White TAPE bow-1

You simply wrap your gift box with some glitter wash tape (in this case I used black to match my gift box) and you then cut a piece of the packing tape that is long enough to stretch around the box. You fold it in half and stick it together to create a thin solid piece. It becomes like a ribbon or like the wrapping paper you used in the previous gift wrap idea. You secure the piece of packing tape wrapped around the box with some gift wrapping tape.

DIY Black and White TAPE bow-3

You then take another piece of tape about 6 inches wide and fold it in half. Both sides will stick together. You then take your scissors and cut out two triangle shapes like you see in the picture below.

DIY Black and White TAPE bow-4

You then tape a piece of packing tape and wrap it around the middle to create the bow.

DIY Black and White TAPE bow

You stick it on your gift with some gift wrap tape and some double sided tape to make sure it’s secure. Those are 5 simple and easy ways to gift wrap your holiday gifts this year. Your holiday gifts will definitely look amazing under your tree with these fun wrapping techniques.

DIY Easy Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Scotch® really does have some amazing tapes to help you create a magical holiday with perfectly wrapped gifts.

White Wrapped Gift

I highly recommend you check out your local Staples and stock up on some of these amazing Scotch® brand tapes as they will surely sell out the closer we get to the holidays. You can use this Store Locator to find a staples near you.

If you buy a ton of tape like I did, you can use this Expressions Multi Roll Dispenser to store it and dispense it while you wrap your holiday gifts.

I hope you enjoyed this fun holiday DIY as part of our Brite & Bubbly Happy Holidays Gift Guide! Thanks to the lovely folks at 3M/Scotch!


There will be more holiday fun coming your way all month long!

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