5 Fun Out of The Box Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Bestie!


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Today I wanted to share with you 5 Fun Out of The Box Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Bestie! These are not your every day gift ideas, but they are also not only cute gift ideas to gift your bestie for the holidays, but they are pretty darn fun as well. They come from a fabulous company called Big Mouth Inc. You may remember that time when I leaped for joy with my pizza floatie on instagram, that was their floatie as well. They make a slew of products to go gaga over and these were my choices for some amazing gift ideas for your bestie. They were also kind enough to send our choices to us to be featured in the gift guide as well.

big mouth gifts ideas

1. The Cheeseburger Cookie Jar!

big mouth gifts ideas-1

The cheeseburger cookie jar is a nice additional to any kitchen. It’s the perfect trendy gift to give you’re bestie when cheeseburger patterns are showing up everywhere in fashion and accessories. You’re bestie will love bringing the cheeseburger into their home decor for the holidays. The ceramic cookie jar’s lid has extra rubber around top to keep cookies fresh. It’s a ceramic and hand painted cookie jar. It’s a great gift for any cheeseburger loving bestie!


2. George Takei, Oh Myyy! Taking Pen!

That’s what he said quote is getting old? There’s a new innuendo king and his name is George Takei, Oh Myyy! Just click the top to hear George’s fun phrase.

big mouth gifts ideas-4

I don’t know about you, but me and my friends are obsessed with George Takei! I know if any of my besties opened up their gift for the holidays and saw this pen inside, they would burst out laughing and be extremely happy. You simply press the button at the pen top down to play George’s signature “Oh Myyy”. It’s perfect for those punny moments & awkward silences with your besties. It’s also great for star trek and howard stern fans!

3. Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float!

big mouth gifts ideas-3

I don’t know about you, but living in Southern California we’re lucky enough to be able to pull the pool floaties out all year long if we have a heated pool. I don’t know how many of my besties are obsessed with flamingos, get them the gift that keeps on giving with a flamigo pool float. They will be floating around in style once the summer rolls in.


4. George Takei Fortune Telling Button!

My friends are always looking for quick, hilarious, and sometimes sarcastic advice, now they can just ask The Wise George Takei Button when they get this gift for the holidays. Just press to hear one of 25 exclusive voice recordings (with sound effects) from George.

You can see both the pen and this button in action in the video below. Need I say more about why these would make fun gifts for your besties? Either gift idea would lead to hours of fun and laughter for my besties!

5. Candy Shop Canister Set!

big mouth gifts ideas-2

A lot of my besties are moving during the holidays and what better gift to give them for the holidays and for their new home is this candy canister set. It features some of our favorite candies and it will look adorable on his or her kitchen counter. I know me and my besties have a major sweet tooth and we all love to munch on candy 24-7. This would be the perfect themed gift for them!

I hope one of these gift ideas make you’re life a little easier if you’re still searching for the perfect gift for your bestie.

BigMouth Inc. products have been seen in the hands of Shay Mitchell, Justin Bieber, Reese Witherspoon, LeAnn Rimes, The Fat Jewish, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Khloe Kardashian and many more! Their items can be found in nationwide retailers including Walmart, Target, Spencer’s Gifts, Urban Outfitters and Amazon.com. Visit the BigMouth Inc. website at www.bigmouthinc.com where you can find the perfect gift for the holidays and much more.

These are just some fun gift ideas we’ll be showcasing for the holidays as part of our Happy Holidays Gift Guide.


Stay tuned for more fun gift ideas as part of our Happy Holidays Gift Guide 2015!