5 Recipes To Enjoy S’mores!


Hey All!

It’s National S’mores Day and it might as well be a National Holiday for me as I love S’mores! They are my second most favorite thing after Donuts. I mean did you see my S’mores ring? I’m wearing it proudly today.


I thought I would share some of the favorite S’mores recipes I’ve shared with you so you can enjoy them today if you’d like on this amazing #smoresday!

Starting from the top in the collage image above:

First Up is what I call the gigantic S’more Burger Recipe. It’s mega awesome.

Next is my fabulous Strawberry S’mores Waffle Sandwich.

Followed by delish S’more Dip!

Then Easter Egg S’mores Bites because they are too cute to only have on Easter.

And last but not least S’mores Star Bites as they are the perfect Starry treat to celebrate S’mores Day With!

I hope you enjoy all these recipes on this National S’mores Day!

Have a tasty day!