6 Reasons Why You Should See Magic Mike XXL!!!


Hey All!

I recently had the epic experience thanks to the kind folks at Warner Brothers to attend an advanced screening of the HOTTEST film of the summer Magic Mike XXL! When I say it was epic, I mean it was epic in the sense that we were entertained from the moment the lights went down and before the movie even began. The screening of the film actually kicked off with some real life super hot exotic dancers. It was beyond fun! They surprised the audience when they popped up from their seats in the audience and started dancing. Yes they started to take off (I should say rip off their shirts) as well.


These dancers essentially got everyone in that theater hot and bothered and ready to see the movie. You can see the dancers in action in this video below.


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You can see more of my pictures from this amazing hotfest of a movie screening on my Instagram account. That’s just one of the reasons I’m now in love with this movie and already purchased my ticket to see it again today.

Here are 5 More reasons why you should run out and see Magic Mike XXL too!

1. HOT MEN dancing around in barely any clothes on!


Let’s be honest folks… You know you want to see Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, and Adam Rodriguez doing their thing on the stage with their perfectly chiseled abs of steal.

2. It’s REALLY FUNNY! It also stars Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy strutting his stuff in drag and more.


You don’t want to miss the crazy high jinx this sexy guy gang gets into on their epic road trip.

Magic Mike XXL finds the remaining Kings of Tampa ready to throw in the towel. But they want to do it their way: burning down the house in one last blow-out performance in Myrtle Beach, and with legendary headliner Magic Mike sharing the spotlight with them. On the road to their final show, with whistle stops in Jacksonville and Savannah to renew old acquaintances and make new friends, Mike and the guys learn some new moves and shake off the past in surprising ways.


3. Joe Manganiello DANCES in a gas station store to the most perfect song ever. You will love this scene for the song alone. Need I say more!


4. Channing Tatum has some of the most insane dance moves in this film.


I literally told him at the press conference that I attended for the film, that his moves are so captivating that the dance sequences he does in this film are like the equivalent of an action sequence in an action movie. You can’t look away and you’ll be that blown away! The scene where he and Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss mirror each other as you can see above is INSANE!

5. It’s got some MAJOR GIRL POWER!

This time around you have Jada Pinkett Smith joining the cast as a tough and powerful MC who is not afraid to show the boys who is boss.


You have Amber Heard (“The Rum Diary”) as the not so easy to get love interest for Mike…


The fabulous Andie MacDowell (“Footloose”) shows the younger girls how to really have a good time…


And the amazing Elizabeth Banks (“The Hunger Games” franchise) is the queen bee at the convention where the boys want to perform.


The film really does share the message of powerful women who speak their mind can be sexy.

And last but not least…

5. It’s JUST A FUN ROAD TRIP MOVIE that just so happens to have male exotic dancers.


It’s not just about guys taking their clothes off. It’s about a group of guys taking a road trip to come together again and have one last party before they go their separate ways. I think any guy and gal can relate to wanting to have one last hoorah with your friends. I think it’s a great movie for anyone to see. It’s funny, it has amazing epic dance sequences, a cute road trip story, and some great performances from the cast.

I can’t wait to see it again tonight! It’s really the perfect summer movie.

Magic Mike XXL is in theaters now!

For more info on Magic Mike XXL visit magicmikemovie.com.