7 Fun Facts About The Cast & Movie Ghostbusters!


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I recently had the awesome opportunity to attend the media press day for the new Ghostbusters film. I jumped at the chance as I’m obsessed with Leslie Jones and I’m so excited she’s in the film. The five words I would use to describe the film are girl gang with proton packs! I’ll have my complete thoughts on the film on Friday, so stay tuned for that. This media event was actually broadcasted on the E!Online Facebook Page in a Facebook live and it was interesting to see it all take place. This was a new kind of media day. In case you didn’t know, the Ghostbusters are making their long-awaited return with a whole new mainly female cast of characters. The cast includes Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth. Sadly Kristen was sick on this day, so she was not in attendance.  A lot took place during this event, so I figured I would share 7 Fun Facts About The Cast & Movie Ghostbusters that I learned while at this media event. Seven is my lucky number and there was a lot that I wanted to share, so I figured why not 7!

You can see me in the picture below! I was a few feat away from the gals, so I could ask a question.


1. I was like the second person to ask a question and I asked Leslie Jones how much improvisation they got to do when they were shooting and if there was one particular scene that was entirely improvised that she could remember. I also told Leslie I loved her Game of Thrones commentary! She needs to do the commentary for the Ghostbusters Blu-Ray. I digress…

It was a question Leslie and all the cast could honestly answer. Leslie said the scene where they get to dance with Chris Hemsworth, which she loved. But she said he can’t dance well, which everyone thought was hilarious. She thought she found his one fault, but everyone corrected her that he could dance and was on Australia’s version of dancing with the stars. She hadn’t seen Ghostbusters yet, so she didn’t see the end credits where Chris busts a move! ( Spoiler Alert!)


Melissa said the scene where they interview Chris. It was almost entirely improvised and they couldn’t believe how funny he was. It was alarming for Melissa, as she shared he’s good at everything including singing. She couldn’t handle him being good at one more thing so she snapped at him to “Shut up Chris”! She just snapped! Lol.


2. We learned if Leslie Jones came back as a ghost she would haunt Duane “The Rock” Johnson and Ivan Reitman would haunt all the trolls on the internet. LOL.


Leslie would also haunt Chris Hemsworth and a bunch of other hot men in hollywood!


3. The cast genuinely loves each other and got along great on the set. They made each other laugh so much while shooting, that it was hard to make it through shooting the scenes for the film.


4. Apparently Kate McKinnon is like a scientist in real life! She has loved science since she was a kid and even contributed some scientific lines in the film that not even the writer knew what they meant. She also built an alarm system using a soldering kit on her downtime on set. That’s how much she loves science! The cast was amazed by how scientific she was.


5. Paul Feig said he got his dream cast with these women and he would let them improvise entire takes! Which would result in lots of hilarity. As you can see they couldn’t even stop laughing with each other at this event.


6. Leslie wants everyone to know that designers should embrace women of all shapes and sizes. Preach on girl! She sadly had a hard time finding a dress for the premiere and she feels it’s something women should actually speak out against, because if you say nothing, nothing will get done. My thoughts exactly! Melissa chimed in on how she actually had to create her own clothing line because she couldn’t find anything to wear in her size in stores that was fashion forward. I applaud these women for being strong enough to speak out against something that seriously needs to change, especially when the majority of women in this country are a size 14 and over.


7. Ivan Reitman shared they already have plans for a second film and he wouldn’t share when the release date would be, but it would be announced soon. If you stay after the credits of the film, you’ll get a hint on what the next film will be about!


Those are just some of the fun facts I thought I would share from this event. After it was all over we got to take a group shot with everyone. I’m over by the right in front of the Ghostbusters poster.


Again stay tuned for our thoughts on the film on Friday! Ghostbusters hits theaters this Friday July 15th as well!

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You can watch this whole Facebook live event for Ghostbusters below!


All Photos Courtesy of Sony Pictures!