A Churro Croissant Donut Recipe!

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Hey All!

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I wanted to share a sweet and easy recipe that uses Soy Bean oil and always reminds me of my home town NYC, my Heritage, and my familia. They are Churro Croissant Donuts! I’m from New York, so as far as I can remember I have been eating donuts and churros. We would buy them from our favorite donut shops or from the churro stands that would always be on the corner. When we had time on the weekends we would make our own versions of our amazingly delicious sweet treats and that would be the Churro Croissant Donut!

Some of my favorite family recipes originated in my grandmother and great grandmother’s kitchens. The stories behind the recipes are cherished moments that I will pass on to my children. As a Soy Connection Ambassador, I encourage you to keep memories and cooking traditions alive by recording your stories and sharing them with us. Though you may not realize it, there’s a good chance soybean oil is part of your cooking routine. In fact, soybean oil accounts for approximately 58% of vegetable oil used in homes and commercial cooking! Just check the ingredients label to be sure.

Soybean oil is one of the most versatile ingredients in my pantry. The oil has a neutral flavor that helps me create some of my favorite traditional meals without compromising taste.


These Churrotastic donuts are super easy to make. All you need is:

  • Ready made Croissant dough
  • Soybean Oil
  • Cinnamon and Sugar
  • Frying pan
  • Rolling Pin
  • All purpose flour
  • Round Cookie Cutters in 3 inch and 1 inch sizes

That’s it. Simple right?

First you sprinkle some flour so your dough doesn’t get stuck to your counter or what ever surface you are rolling the dough out on.


You then roll out your dough and cut the shapes of the donuts with your cookie cutters. As you’re doing this be sure to be heating up your soybean oil in a frying pan.


Fry your donuts in the soybean oil until golden brown on each side.


Be careful as you turn the donuts as this is hot oil you’re cooking with!


Once your donuts are done frying place them on some paper towels. It will soak up some of the oil.


I even cook the little hole centers to make little churro hole bites. Once everything is done you dunk your donuts and holes into a mix of cinnamon and sugar.


You make sure they are all very well coated on all sides with cinnamon and sugar.


After that you’re done. Stack them and serve them! They are a quick and easy delicious treat the whole family will enjoy.


This recipe reminds me so much of cooking with my Abuelita back in NYC. We always loved a good DON-NAH as my grandmother called them. We love to cook and share our recipes during Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s a great way to celebrate our roots and to share the love and traditions we have as Hispanics with each other. We also break out the photo albums and attend events around town. I hope you enjoy this recipe we’re sharing with you today!

How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

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