A Comic Con Adventure In the Kia Soul!

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Hey All!

As you all know I go to San Diego Comic Con every year and for the past few years I have been lucky enough to make our road trip to Comic Con inside a fabulous Kia Vehicle. This year we kept the tradition going by riding in style in a 2014 Kia Soul. It was a Comic Con Adventure In the Kia Soul!


I will admit this is the smallest car we’ve ever taken to Comic Con, but thankfully it was only the two of us going this year so it was perfectly fine.


Comic Con is a crazy event in case you didn’t know. Streets are closed, the police are directing traffic, thousands of people pour out into the street and there is absolutely NO WHERE TO PARK! NO WHERE! You literally have to buy your parking passes in advance to have parking during the con. We wanted to take our car around and drive around to show off our Kia, but honestly that was not possible as no police would let us stop near the convention. So that was a bust.

To get a picture of the car I had my husband climb up on the bridge that acts as a crosswalk and wait until I drove by so we could get some kind of shot of the Kia at Comic Con. He did his best, but you can see below it’s not the best picture, but you can get a sense of the madness that is Comic Con.


We then headed to the hotel…


And unpacked our loaded up Kia Soul…


The Kia Soul was a great car to drive to Comic Con. It rides softly and smoothly when you’re driving it. The gas and eco features do stretch the mileage a long way which is great for road trips to Comic Con.


The Soul is a very pleasing to the eye car with a lot of great features.


The Soul’s electric power steering has optional Flex Steer, which lets drivers choose from three settings for steering feel—comfort, normal, and sport. The Soul also has an amazing sound system, usb ports, and steering wheel controls which are perfect for playing your nerdy road trip tunes.


The soul is also equipped with a navigation system, satellite radio, and Bluetooth technology that allows you to sync your phone to the speaker system for hands free talking as you drive.


We really did love driving the car, but the only issue we did have with it is space. It may be just a little too small for a family road trip vehicle. As you can see we always bring a ton of exclusives and other geek memorabilia that we buy at the con back home with us. With our luggage and all the products we bought we had to make smart choices with our space. And there is no way we could have fit other people inside the car.


Luckily the back seats do come down which extended the trunk space and allowed us to fit everything in easily. As you can see you can barely even see out the back with the amount of bags we had in the back.


Besides that the tires, traction, and drive were great…


And my favorite feature is the camera on the back of the vehicle that allows you to see behind you on the navigation system when you are backing up.


If you’re looking for a fun sporting vehicle that drives well, has a ton of great features, and gets great Mileage I highly recommend the Kia Soul.

We had a great time taking it on our Adventure to Comic Con and back! I can’t wait to see what adventures with Kia we hopefully have next year!


We were solely given this car to review. All opinions are our own.


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