A Day With Disney Social Media Moms On The Road! #Disneysmmoms #DisneyOnTheRoad



Hey All!

I recently had the privilege to attend the Disney Social Media Moms On The Road Event in Berkeley, CA and it truly was an honor to be chosen to be there. I was in the presence of such inspiring and accomplished women and it felt amazing.


I was also lucky to be surrounded by many of my great Blogger friends who were also in attendance.


The day was filled with inspirational speakers and advice that left me feeling invigorated when the day was over.  This was an event like only Disney could put on. The magic of Disney filled the room every where you turned!

From the Mickey shaped balloons…


To the Monster’s University stuffed animal centerpieces on every table. Everything was adorable! You could feel the excitement and love inside the room. Being with a brand so many of us grew up loving made the morning so special. I actually got the privilege to take Sulley home because I won the raffle at our table! Woot Woot!


Maria Bailey of Mom Central and Mom Talk Radio served as our amazing host throughout the day.  Maria was a tremendous host and she also spoke of the history behind the Disney Social Media Moms. It was amazing to learn about the inception of this incredible event.


She began Disney Social Media Moms with Mike Hyland, Director of Disneyland Public Relations, as they wanted to create meaningful relationships with moms so they can once again become familiarized with the Disney brand and learn all the new amazing things happening with Disney and Disney Parks. She knew Moms would love to connect with Disney and boy was she right. She also spoke about her life and finding a balance between work and her personal life. One of the greatest pieces of advice she gave us was to not feel bad because you have to be a working mom.

Our key speaker of the day was Mindee Doney. She is the creator of Boogie Wipes®: The Gentle Saline Wipes for Stuffy Noses.


She spoke about the challenges and rewards of being a full-time Mom and full-blown business owner. She encouraged independence and confidence in Moms and kids. She also gave us great advice on how to refocus and take the time to really assess what our priorities are. The best advice she gave us was to learn to say NO and to separate work time from family time. Once you leave your work to be with your family, leave it and come back to it tomorrow. It was truly amazing advise to hear.


I also got to meet the amazing Erin Glover who I have followed for some time on the Disney Parks Blog. She’s the lead blogger on the blog and is so amazing! It was such a pleasure meeting her!


I also got the amazing opportunity to meet and hear the fabulous Michele Himmelberg of Disney Parks Public Relations speak. She was a journalist for 30 years before coming to work for Disney. She shared her love for Bloggers and how she possibly would have been a blogger herself if they were around when she first started out. She gave us an amazing sneak peak inside everything Disney Parks has to offer from Disney’s Monstrous Summer, to the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World (One of the Largest expansions in the Parks History), to Disneyland’s New Princess Fantasy Faire, and the New Disneyland Show Mickey and the Magical Map.


It was truly a presentation that showcased that Disney just keeps getting better and better! There is much more magic and adventure in store for guests who visit Disney Parks and attractions.

We also heard from a Mompreneur Panel who each won grants of $15,000 in a program Maria Bailey also helped create called the Huggies Mom Inspired Program. It was inspiring to hear women coming up with an idea for a product and business and working hard to make it a reality.

The last speaker we heard from was Michelle Stepney (Disney Parks Blog Style Content Editor/Disney Global Content Development Team). Michelle gave us great advice for being interviewed as well as conducting interviews.  The best piece of advice she gave was to always think the Microphone is always on. If you’re still on a microphone don’t say anything you don’t want anyone to hear. She was a journalist for many years, so she knows her stuff!


The day came to a close and we left feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and ready to take on our careers as bloggers in a whole new way. We also left with some amazing Disney products to help us remember our amazing day. I am in love with the Snow White shirt. I literally get stopped on the street by people asking me where I got this shirt. I feel special every time I wear it. Only Disney could make a shirt as amazing as this one!

Thanks to Disney Social Media Moms and Disney Parks for such a fantastic day of learning and motivation. It truly was inspiring! I can only imagine what the full conference in Florida, or should I say now coming to California next year is like. I left this one day experience with a whole new outlook on Blogging, Social Media, and Work/Family life. I can only think that if I was given the opportunity to attend the actual conference I would probably leave feeling like a whole new me based on this one experience.

Disney Social Media Moms truly encompasses the Magic of Disney!

For more information on Disney Social Media Moms and their On The Road events visit www.disneysmmoms.com.