A DIY Gift Bag For Mother’s Day!


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As Mother’s Day is around the corner, I’m sure you’ll be looking for a fun and creative way to wrap all those amazing gifts you got from Minted.com that I suggested to you yesterday. If you didn’t see my round up of our top choices for Mother’s Day gifts you can check it out HERE. In that list of gift ideas was lovely 120″ Snow Dot Gold and White Foil-Pressed Paper Table Runner and some MOM Personalized Wrapping Paper. With these fabulous paper goods you can actually make your own gift bag to package your gifts to Mom this year. I chose to use the table runner since I just loved the print so much and it’s a little bit thicker than the wrapping paper.


I wanted to wrap the small framed Flowers limited edition art print by Alexandra Dzh for my mom and I thought putting it inside a DIY Gift Bag would be perfect! Here is how you can make one too!


To Make This You’ll Need:

First you place your frame or what ever gift you have in the center of the paper to measure out how much paper will fit perfectly around it with about two inches of excess paper. You cut our your paper when you found the appropriate size.


You then flatten the paper down and tape down the open seem of the paper where the ends of both sides of the paper meet.


You then fold up one side of the paper to form a rectangle. Open up the rectangle and fold down the centers to form a diamond like shape. Once you have a diamond shape from your paper you fold in the top and bottom of the diamond in and tape with some magic tape. It’s similar to how you fold over the excess paper when you’re wrapping a gift.

Open up the end that is still open and push down the bottom. That’s it you’re done and you have s fun DIY Gift Bag to place your Mother’s Day gift in. You can make this bag in any size you’d like. You can also personalize it with some glitter letter stickers.


I think putting “Mom” or the name of the person you are gifting this Mother’s Day is the perfect personalized touch to the gift bag.


Add some matching gold leaf sprinkled tissue paper and you have the perfect packaging for those Mother’s Day gifts.


I hope your special Mom loves this DIY Gift Bag as much as we do! Find more of our fun and easy DIY’s HERE.

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