A DIY Pineapple Fiesta Party On A Dime For Charity!


Hey All!

I recently took a Party on A Dime challenge from Balloon Time (the Makers of those awesome helium tanks) to host a birthday party for my friend Michelle for $100 or less in order to win a charitable donation for Make A Wish foundation. My charity of choice. Needless to say I accepted the challenge and knew it would be a difficult challenge to win as I had some major competition. I know I had to pull out all the stops as it’s $5000 I could win for the charity if my party is voted on the most at the Balloon time facebook page here.

I decided to throw a Pineapple Fiesta Birthday Party for her as what’s more fun than Pineapples, Confetti and Pinatas.


I turned mini balloons into a balloon pineapple garland that said Happy B-day.


Mini Umbrellas, Pinatas, and Sombreros filled with candy lined the table and glasses.


No detail was too small for me. I wanted it to be perfect.


Each table setting had it’s only pineapple treat bag to fill with candy and a pineapple shaped place card.


There was pineapple every where!


I made this pineapple birthday cake as we had to have a cake for her birthday of course (which I will share how I made it in another post).


I also made these adorable pineapple macarons.


Super simple and easy to make and I’ll share how to make those soon as well. Super cute I know!


I also made the pineapple confetti seen on the tables as well.

The candy on the table was phenomenal like these candy covered almonds that looked like olives.


The drink table was filled with margarita mix as well as pineapple and pineapple orange sodas.


You can’t have a pineapple fiesta with out margaritas and pineapple soda.


The drinks were inside a sombrero cooler of course and we also kept our party hats and photo props for the fun photo booth wall we created on the drink table.


We got to partying and everyone had an amazing time! The pineapple macarons were a hit.


We toasted to Michelle…


We drank fabulous drinks…


We sang Happy Birthday to Michelle…


We hope her wishes come true!


We had a blast taking funny pics at the photo booth.


These two below are some of my favorites!

VanessaDiaz-BalloonTime-091 VanessaDiaz-BalloonTime-108

Things got a little crazy since the sombrero cooler ended up on someones head…


And Michelle was riding a pinata…VanessaDiaz-BalloonTime-107

Fun times for all!VanessaDiaz-BalloonTime-117

This banner said it all! Happy Times!


Lastly we smashed up the pinata to get the delish pineapple and assorted candy that was inside.


You’re never to old to have fun with pinatas.

We spent the rest of the time chatting and having a blast celebrating Michelle for her big day.


PLEASE VOTE for my party in the Party on the Dime challenge! The voting goes until September 30th so time is running out.


All you have to do is VISIT THIS LINK at Balloon Time on Facebook. You may have to sign into facebook to vote. You FIND THE IMAGE BELOW for my PINEAPPLE FIESTA. You simply click the circle that says Vote and that’s it.


Please join me in supporting the Make A Wish foundation of Greater Los Angeles by voting for me to win this challenge so they can win this amazing $5000 charitable donation.

I appreciate the support!

I hope you enjoyed this look at our party and stay tuned for the tutorials on how to make some of what you’ve seen here yourself.

Only A Gift Card for $100 was provided By Balloon Time to take the challenge. All opinions are my own.