A Fabulous Time At Disney’s Tomorrowland Movie Premiere!

Written By Jesse Delia


Hey All!

I recently had the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the movie premiere for the fabulous new Disney film Tomorrowland. It was beyond amazing as the premiere took place at Downtown Disney at Disneyland and the after party was in the theme park inside of Tomorrowland. I can’t begin to describe how amazing it is to be inside a section of Disneyland which is closed down just for you to enjoy and party in. It’s AMAZING!!! Yes all caps AMAZING!

I’ve always dreamed of going to a premiere at Disneyland ever since they did them back in the day for Pirates of the Caribbean. I had always dreamed one day I would get to go to one at Disneyland and thanks to Disney Pictures that dream finally came true with this premiere last week.


As I walked the carpet I was joined by jugglers…


Guys on unicycles…


The blue carpet ended with a big Tomorrowland logo which was very cool!


There were tons of celebs at this premiere too!


I’ve honestly never seen so many celebs at one premiere. It was crazy!


George Clooney and his wife were there! Christina Milian…


The legendary Bob Gurr was there! He is the imagineer who helped design so many of the amazing Disney theme park rides we love today!


There were props from the movie on display…


And we had a blast on the blue carpet itself before we went in to see the movie. Just to give you a sense of how many celebs were at this thing, I was in the bathroom with Cindy Crawford and Molly Ringwald at the same time! It was like living out my 90’s teenhood in the bathroom! I sat next to Christina Milian in the theater as we watched the movie!


It was crazy! The whole cast and film makers from the film were there as well.


We thought the movie was visually stunning and we couldn’t wait to get to the after party!


Tomorrowland was closed down just for us. It’s a sight to see. All the rides in this section of the park were only open for us as well. We felt so VIP!


The food served on blue lit tables was fantastic.


These blue themed desserts were some of the best I’ve ever had!


This glitter disco ball dessert had my name on it!


Who wouldn’t love a chocolate waffle bowl!


These were the mini cupcakes of the future!


At the after party we saw George Clooney’s wife of course being whisked away!


We saw George Clooney!!


We met tons of celebs and I literally cried when we got to ride Star Tours by ourselves!!! And I was picked as the rebel spy!! That’s something I’ve been trying to do for years now! DREAM COME TRUE!!


The night ended with some amazing colorful fireworks.


It was such a magical night we will never forget! Thanks again to Disney Pictures for allowing us to attend this rocking event. They did a fantastic job and again it was such a dream come true. I didn’t care that I was sore from having run a marathon in the morning! It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life!

Check out this feature video for the film below so you can get a taste of the film for yourself!

TOMORROWLAND opens in theaters everywhere on May 22nd! Run out and see it!

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  • Love those desserts!!! Looks like an amazing experience!! Last year we had Carsland closed down for us at an event…. Makes it truly memorable. Glad you had fun!!