A Leaner Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich!

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Hey All!

We're alway trying to live a healthier and more active lifetstyle and I've been trying to do this by creating lower calorie recipes for our favorite dishes. Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day, so I've been focusing on ways to make dishes that are lower in calories. One product that has come to my rescue is Butterball Turkey Bacon!

Butterball turkey bacon is a great choice for staying fit and eating right. Butterball turkey bacon has 65% less fat than pork bacon and with only 25 calories per slice, it is a great choice to help you continue to enjoy your favorite breakfast dishes without feeling guilty.

Butterball turkey products are lean and also delicious, so you can make better choices for your family, without having to give up the great taste you want or worrying that your family won’t like it. With Butterball products you can have a great tasting, indulgent meal but not feel guilty about it. From breakfast to hectic weeknight dinners to a cook out for the big game or even a picnic, Butterball’s turkey bacon offers you the quality turkey you love at Thanksgiving, the great taste you’re looking for, and the leanness you want to give your family.

We love Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwiches so I decided to make a Leaner twist on it by creating A Turkey Bacon, Egg White, Cheese, and Avocado Breakfast sandwich on a whole grain bun.

To Make This Delish Breakfast Sandwich You Will Need:

  • 4 Strips of Butterball Turkey Bacon (The Uncooked Version You Can Find)
  • 3 Egg Whites
  • Gouda Cheese (Or a Cheese of Your Choice)
  • Avocado
  • Whole Grain Rolls

First you cute your roll in half so it acts as a bun for your sandwich. Then you cook your four slices of bacon.

You cook your three egg whites and place them on your roll. You then place a couple of small slices of Gouda cheese onto the egg whites.

After the cheese comes your Butterball Turkey Bacon…

And lastly you place a few slices of Avocado on top of the bacon. It's almost like a BLT with out the Lettuce.

That's all you need to do to make this simple and delicious lower calorie twist on a traditional bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

Want to try this recipe yourself? Snag yourself some awesome Butterball coupons so you can purchase some Butterball Turkey Bacon. You can also try your hand at some other Butterball recipes.

What would you make with Turkey Bacon?


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