A New Easy Way To Take A Selfie On This #TechTuesday!


Hey All!

Today on this Tech Tuesday I wanted to take the opportunity to share some exciting news. For the past month I’ve been secretly testing out an amazing new cell phone accessory device from iLuv Creative Technology. It’s called the selfy™ ecosystem and it includes the world’s first Apple iPhone 5/5s and Samsung GALAXY S5 cases with a built-in wireless camera shutter. This one-of-a-kind product delivers the stylish protection consumers demand together with a wireless remote shutter to allow greater flexibility for capturing perfect selfies and group photos, anytime, anywhere. In addition, the remote shutter is integrated into the back of each case so consumers always have it with them and it pairs to the iPhone 5/5s or GALAXY S5 wirelessly via Bluetooth®. No app is needed. Because of the innovative design of the case, the ecosystem includes a variety of accessories to give users even more flexibility for capturing their favorite moments.


“Over a million selfies are taken every day and most people struggle to take good ones. We realized that consumers need something stylish that would protect their iPhone 5/5s or GALAXY S5 and provide greater flexibility to take better selfies,”said William Otte, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at iLuv Creative Technology.

“This is the innovation behind the selfy; one device that offers stylish, maximum protection along with an integrated but removable remote camera shutter. The selfy remote shutter is conveniently stored in the case so consumers always have it with them, but the shutter slot in the case also works with a complete ecosystem of accessories. This combination allows for the perfect photo whenever the opportunity may strike. ”


Selfy is a durable case that is available in iPhone 5/5s or GALAXY S5 designs, with a dual-layer, shock-absorbent design that protects the phone from everyday wear and tear such as drops and bumps. The innovative remote is seamlessly integrated into the case itself, sliding out when it’s time to take a quick selfie, then fitting securely back into the case after the photos have been taken. The selfy remote controls the phone’s shutter with a simple touch of a button, without relying on any third-party apps. The result is an easy, intuitive experience that allows users to capture better, more expressive images whenever the moment is right. Consumers can have their phones several feet away to fit everyone into the picture and just push the button on the remote to activate the shutter when they are ready. Images can then be uploaded to popular social media platforms or easily shared with family and friends.


The selfy ecosystem also features a variety of accessories to make capturing consumers’ favorite moments even easier. When the selfy remote is out of the case, one of four accessories easily slides in to take its place. Users can do everything from lining up the perfect group shot with the mini tripod mount, to capturing all the action on a bike or motorcycle ride with the bar mount, to using the car windshield mount to hold your phone while using the navigation function, talking on the phone “Hands Free” or taking videos or photos on the road.

My Thoughts:

I have greatly enjoyed using the selfy™ as it has allowed me to take selfie’s in a much easier way. It was ridiculously easy to set up with my iPhone as it’s just a case you slip onto your phone and you set up the  shutter remote with Bluetooth.  I have small hands with short fingers, so it can be hard to reach my arm out sometimes and try to touch the button on the touch screen to take a selfie. With this device there is no more struggling to make sure you hit the touch screen camera button. You can easily just hit the little button on the back of your phone case (which is very easy to feel) and take your photos. This device takes the guessing and searching for the camera button out of the equation. It’s truly a god send for this selfie taking blogger. No more ruining the shot trying to take the photo. This case truly insures you capture any moment you are trying to take a photo of.

I also love the fact the the remote shutter is detachable. You can grab the remote and place your phone on a tripod mount or on any surface and take photos. You don’t have to hold your phone or touch your phone to take the photos with this device. You’ll know you’ve captured the photo as you’ll see a red light come on as your taking the photo.

You can see the light in the picture below.


This also means I can stage shots with my iPhone and take beautiful photos like this of the orchid we just got.


It’s the perfect device for our new photo loving generation.

The Selfy also has many accessories that would come in handy with in the selfy ecosystem.

Here are just some of what will be available for the selfy:

Mini Tripod:

  • Perfect for stable, high-quality shots and group photos
  • Flexible legs allows for set up anywhere
  • Lightweight, ultra-portable size
  • Works with all standard cameras

Bar Mount:

  • Perfect for bicycle and motorcycle videos
  • Pivoting arm can be adjusted to hold iPhone at various angles
  • Adjustable clamp fits 0.6” to 1.2” diameter bars

Helmet Mount:

  • Perfect for filming outdoor activities
  • Compatible with most helmets

Car Mount:

  • Perfect for car videos, navigation and hands-free calling
  • Adjustable arm holds iPhone at any desired angle
  • Large suction cup adheres securely to windshield

All these accessories along with the selfy will be sure to allow you to capture the most awesome photos on your phone!

Selfy costs about $49.99 and will be available in black and pink at iLuv.com/selfy and select retailers in May. Mounts in the selfy ecosystem cost between $19.99 and $24.99 and will be available later in May at iLuv.com/selfy and select retailers.

For more up to date info follow iLuv on Twitter at @iLuv_World, or Like them on Facebook at iLuv Creative Technology.

Stay tuned next week for more Tech Tuesday fun!


I was solely given the opportunity to try this device. All Opinions are my own.