A Palm Springs Adventure With The Mazda6!

Hey All!

I’m sure if you’ve been following my travel adventures for the past few months on instagram, you saw that I had the amazing opportunity to partner with Mazda to go on an adventure to Alt Summit in Palm Springs. They were kind enough to loan me this super snazzy 2017 Mazda6 to ride take the trip with. I picked up my bestie Geraldine of Little Big Bell and we hit the road to Palm Springs California.

The car was a beautiful red color and we felt like we were driving around is style. We made a stop for lunch the day before we left to go to one of my favorite restaurants here in LA called Bottega Louie.

We had the most amazing lunch including this beyond fabulous chocolate soufflé. It’s to die for and if you’re ever in Los Angeles, you’ll have to try it. We couldn’t wait to get to Palm Springs and this colorful vacation you see below.

We stood at The Saguaro Palm Springs, which is just a color paradise. The entire hotel is beyond colorful.

We had such an amazing drive over to the hotel in our Mazda6. The push button start was super convenient to start the car. I always hate extra keys!

We kept ourselves entertained with the CONNECT™2 infotainment system! It provides information, entertainment and a connection to the outside world while you’re driving. The passenger manages it of course while you drive. It has a multi-function commander control on the center console or the full-color touch-screen display to quickly navigate the multitude of functions like satellite radio. My favorite feature was the TRAFFIC SIGN RECOGNITION SYSTEM, which shows you the traffic signs coming up right in the windshield as you drive. It’s so cool and it also tells you how fast you’re going.

We also had USB plugs in the car to keep our phones charged. A must have of course. All these great features made for a great and smooth road trip! Palm springs was a pink paradise and our colorful Mazda6 fit right in.

Yes the walls were pink folks and I couldn’t even handle it!

That wasn’t enough color for us at the hotel, so we decided to take the Mazda6 and go exploring in Palm Springs. We visited the Parker Palm Springs Hotel. It’s famous for it’s large orange door entrance way.

Inside you’ll find the most fabulous interior design around.

The hotel grounds also have creative sculptures and an amazing colorful lemonade stand.

We had lunch at their restaurant called Norma’s and I use the term lunch loosely, as I clearly had pancakes. Brunch all day folks!

After lunch we went to find all the colorful doors on homes around Palm Springs. Nothing is more photographed than the famous pink door in Palm Springs.

It really is the most perfect shade of pink.

We also found this amazing turqoise/aqua door.

I really love all the architechture and color around Palm Springs. It’s the best!

We had a blast driving around and seeing all that Palm Springs had to offer.

It was so much fun to drive around and enjoy Palm Springs with the 2o17 Mazda6. It was the perfect car to head to Palm Springs with. It was fuel efficient, it had a great amount of space for all our luggage, it had great features inside and it looked amazing as we drove around. I couldn’t have asked for a better car for our road trip!

Thanks again to Mazda for loaning us this fabulous car!

Find out more about the 2017 Mazda6 on the Mazda website.