A Return To The Set Of Grey’s Anatomy! #ABCTVEvent


Hey All!

On a recent Disney Media Trip I was taken to the sets of some of ABC’s most popular and long running shows. One of those shows was Grey’s Anatomy! It was a little bitter sweet as it was actually a little reunion for me being on the set. What many of you may not know is in my former life I used to work in film and tv marketing and distribution and in production and writing. I was in the biz until the writers strike happened and we all got let off. It was probably the best thing to happen to me as I picked up Blogging during that time and here I am today!

One of the shows I used to work on when I first came out to LA was Grey’s Anatomy. It was around the height of the shows popularity. I used to volunteer as an extra ever so often as I loved getting into the scrubs and getting on camera as well. They were cool enough to let me do this every so often. But non-the-less things happen on shows and you move on and you never think you will ever return the set and then low and behold you’re now a blogger and anything is possible in blogger world. I was back on the set after a good 6-7 years!


We were given a tour by Jessica Capshaw who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins on the show. In case you didn’t know Jessica is like Hollywood royalty. She’s Kate Capshaw’s daughter and stepdaughter to Steven Spielberg! Yes who doesn’t want to be Jessica Capshaw right?

She’s actually pretty brilliant on the show. I had to watch some of the new episodes from the show as I will admit I hadn’t watched the show in some time. I used to watch when there were bombs in peoples abdomens and when McDreamy was still torn between his ex wife and Meridith. I know I think that was around season 4 and 5.


It was amazing to see how much the sets where they used to live had changed. We saw what they call the dream house where Meredith and Derek live with their family. Their living room, play room, and various photos and props from the show that came out of storage just for our visit. Like the McSteamy ID badge. Sadly he’s no longer on the show.


Inside the bedroom of the Dream House set was hanging the sweet post it promise that Derek and Meredith made to one another.


It was great to see the Hospital set was just as I remembered it. It had a new name and looked a little different, but it was pretty much the same.



It was like seeing an old friend you hadn’t seen in years.


We chatted with the Costume designer who shared how quickly they have to have costumes done and how they find costume pieces in stores all over town. One example of a rush job was they had to make a wedding dress in a week if that gives you an idea of how fast they work.


It was great to see some people are still working on the show and to see that the show is still going and has a strong audience today. There are not many TV shows that last so long on TV. Only the special ones do.


Grey’s Anatomy is one of those special shows. Tune in Tonight and every Thursday from 9:00-10:00 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.


I was provided an all expense paid trip to have this opportunity. All opinions are my own.