A Review & Interviews With The Cast of Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club!


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I recently had the great opportunity to get a preview of the film and interview the main cast of Tyler Perry’s New Film The Single Moms Club, which was released on Friday. I love Tyler Perry movies so I jumped at the opportunity to do this.

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The film stars Nia Long, Amy Smart, Zulay Henao, Cocoa Brown, and the amazing Wendi McLendon-Covey who you would remember from the film Bridesmaids and the show The Goldbergs. They play a group of single moms who are forced to come together after their children all get caught doing graffiti on their schools property. The women all have a unique experience being a mother. It’s interesting to see a film about all these different women coming together to do something for their children and learning they have more in common than they knew they did.

The film follows them on their journey to finding themselves as they support eachother through the Single Moms Club. It’s a group they form with each other after they have to begin meeting to plan an event for their children’s school. Nia Long deals with raising a son who’s father is a drug addict. Zulay Henao plays a character dealing with an ex-husband who undermines her and is constantly threatening her if she doesn’t do what he asks. Amy Smart plays a character who is going through a divorce. She’s always had a nanny for her kids and now has to learn how to really be a mother. Cocoa Brown plays a mom with issues of trying to make sure her younger children don’t end up like her son who ended up in jail, and Wendi McLendon-Covey plays a mom who is a business woman who actually had her child with the help of a clinic as she feels she doesn’t need a man for anything.

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The film has some very touching and funny scenes. Most of which involve Cocoa Brown and Terry Crews. Their dynamic was amazing. When I got the opportunity to chat with Cocoa at the roundtable interviews with the cast she shared that she was in the process of becoming a single mom herself in real life as she separating from her husband at the time they were filming the movie.

She also shared she was thankful to have such an amazing cast and crew of people surrounding her for support. Her hair dresser and stylist are becoming male father figures for her son. I interviewed Cocoa and Amy Smart together and Amy shared she’s learned what it was like to be a mother from friends and her co-stars.

Zulay Henao shared that she too was going through a break up during the filming and the role helped her get through it. Tyler Perry encouraged the actresses to use their emotions in their work.

Wendi shared she became very close with the little girl who played her daughter in the film. She got very emotional during the argument scenes between her and her on screen daughter. The scenes really hit home with her personally. She’s not a mom in real life but she still felt the emotion of what it was like to fail her child.

The film showcases some of the struggles of what single moms go through. It was a fun to chat with these amazing women about the film and to watch the film. I will admit it does have some unrealistic qualities to it. For example each woman finds and or ends up with a perfect man at the end (Spoiler Alert), But it was a fun watch. If you’re looking for Diary of a Mad Black Woman, this is not that film.

I say go see Single Moms Club as it stars some amazing women and there are very few female driven movies out now a days. You can’t go wrong with an amazing female cast like these.

Cocoa Brown and Wendi McLendon-Covey are fabulous in the film and in real life. As you can see we’re all besties now!


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