A Ride & Drive With Mazda at The LA Car Show!


Hey All!

Thanks to Mazda I had the amazing opportunity to attend the LA Auto Show to do a ride and drive with some fun new Mazda Vehicles.

IMG_0064 (1)

It was a fun day to say the least.


Me and my co-captain my hubby rode and test drove the CX-9…

IMG_0067 (1)

And the CX-5 vehicles. We were looking to test drive some family vehicles so this was the perfect opportunity for us to check out what Mazda has to offer.


The cars were great to drive.


They handled and drove very well for the short time we had with them.


I personally liked the CX-6 better as we don’t really need a lot of space as we aren’t a huge family.


I love that the cars had Bose sound systems…


Amazing navigation menus and safety features…


And of course HD Radio.


I could have gone on a joy ride in them all day, but we wanted to go inside the auto show to check out all the great new cars Mazda had on display in it’s section in the auto show.

IMG_0074 (1)

The new lines of vehicles were very impressive. A great variety were on display from the Miata to the Mazda3.


I was very impressed with the cars Mazda had to offer and it was a great experience to get to attend and test drive their vehicles at the LA Auto Show.

Thanks to Mazda for having us!