A Must Have: The Keyboard Waffle Iron For The Holidays!

The Keyboard Waffle Iron Gift

Hey All!

We’re super excited to kick off our 2015 Happy Holidays Gift Guide with an incredibly fabulous and geektastic product called The Keyboard Waffle Iron! If there’s one gift that the ultimate foodie in your life deserves this year for the holidays, it’s definitely The Keyboard Waffle Iron. Heck if you’re a foodie or waffles are your favorite thing to eat, you need to treat yourself to the magic of a keyboard waffle iron for the holidays. An awesome Brooklyn-based graphic artist and designer Chris Dimino came up with this genius waffle invention and I couldn’t be happier to showcase it as an incredible gift idea for the holidays. It truly is one incredible gift idea. Being a born and raised New Yorker, I’m always thrilled to discover fantastic new products from my home town!

keyboard waffle iron-1

The Keyboard Waffle Iron comes packaged and ready to be gifted. You can slap on a bow or wrap the incredibly sturdy box.

keyboard waffle iron

The waffle iron is incredibly well made and comes with almost everything you need to make your keyboard waffle dreams a reality.

The keyboard waffle iron int

The handle on the iron has an incredibly strong magnet on it to make sure your waffle irons stays securely shut as you make your delicious keyboard waffles.

keyboard waffle iron magnet handleIn the box you get the waffle iron and super simple instructions on how to use the waffle iron.

keyboard waffle iron instructions

You simply need to make and add your waffle batter recipe.

waffle batter

That’s not a problem to create, because when you purchase your keyboard waffle iron, you also get access to 20 recipe digital download to create a variety of waffle recipes. You can make all sorts of amazing waffles with your keyboard waffle iron.

Some of the fabulous recipes included are “The Brunch Waffle” seen below…


                                               Photo by Chris Dimino/The Keyboard Waffle Iron

And the “Mexican Chocolate” waffle recipe!


                                             Photo by Chris Dimino/The Keyboard Waffle Iron

So many delicious options for keyboard waffles folks! Anyone who receives this fun waffle iron will find it incredibly easy to use as well.

keyboard waffle iron flame

You simply follow four easy steps to make your waffles: prep, pour, flip, and eat!

keyboardwaffleironstepsI couldn’t resist testing it out myself, so I could vouch for it first hand. I used some store bought waffle mix and threw in chocolate chips to make some chocolate chip keyboard waffles.

The keyboard waffle iron

They came out perfectly following the simple directions and adding my chocolate chip waffle batter.

The keyboard waffle iron chocolate chipe waffle

I know my husband, our resident chef, is going to flip when he gets this awesome waffle and The Keyboard Waffle Iron waiting for him under the tree on Christmas morning.

keyboard waffle iron chocolate chipe waffle

When your done with your keyboard waffle iron, you simply rinse and store it in your kitchen. It’s very compact so no need to worry about needing much space to store it. The perfect gift for apartment dwellers like myself.


                                                Photo by Chris Dimino/The Keyboard Waffle Iron

If you love you or someone you know loves their computer, so much that they could just eat it, this is one way you can make one part of those dreams come true. The Keyboard Waffle Iron is truly a brilliant and unique gift idea for your inner foodie or for the amazing foodie/chef in your life.

Be sure to snag The Keyboard Waffle Iron now at www.thekeyboardwaffleiron.com before they are sold out for the holiday season.  This is truly one of the hottest gifts of the year! Trust me, I know awesome when I see it! It will be the gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays are over.

The Keyboard Waffle Iron was recently featured in Real Simple Magazine’s genius holiday gift ideas and we’re thrilled to feature them here as part of our 2015 Happy Holidays Gift Guide!


Stay tuned for more fun and unique holiday gift ideas and giveaways as part of our annual holiday gift guide!