Adorable Zippies “the pals that hang around” & Review.

Products were provided in exchange for this review feature.

Hey All,

Are you like me and my family in which you have to always play the guessing game to figure out who’s water bottle belongs to who when you put them down after taking a sip? It’s the worst. Or do you have a child in school and need to label his backpack and water bottles for their lunches? Kids tend to all love the same characters and designs so it would be helpful to have something that will allow you to spot your child’s belongings easily.

Well…I have the PERFECT solution for all those annoying problems! You should try Zippies!

New Zippies are “the pals that hang around.”  They are round, flexible, characters that help children and teens to identify their things by simply clipping them onto any belonging — water bottles, lunch boxes, backpacks, jackets, and even bicycles. Each collectible Zippies ID tag features a different character on one side with a place for contact information on the other.

Zippies give kids a fun and easy way to keep track of their stuff while parents can rest assure that their emergency contact information (last name and parent’s phone number) is with their child at all times. You can use the rubber loop or detach it to clip the pal on a key ring. They can even help prevent the spread of germs by identifying water bottles and teach children the importance of being responsible for personal belongings.

Zippies can be fun for the whole family regardless of the age. I was lucky to get a variety of Zippes to try in a number of different animal characters like Kayla above and Flops below.

My Teen, Niece, and Nephew all loved every Zippy with their unique characters and names. Each character also has their own back story that you and your child can learn about on

I tried to get a good picture of the side to write on, But I unfortunately couldn’t get a good picture due to my camera sorry. I was trying to show how easy to read they are.

They are very easy to write your information on. I was able to print on the back with a ball-point pen no problem. I’m sure you could write on Zippes with anything besides a crayon and it will be clear with your info on the tag.

I also do advise that once your write your info on a Zippie,  you should allow the ink on the Zippie to dry for a bit so that nothing gets smudged when you touch them. That’s the only issue I had while using them. Besides that they are really amazing! And such a times saver.

I highly recommend Zippies for any family. They are fun, cute, original, and functional. And they really do solve those simple problems like “which bottle was mine.”

They are Available in 10 different characters, such as a Walrus, Wally, or frog, Faina,  and they sell for $4.98 each or $39.99 for the entire limited-edition first series. They can be ordered online at and found at select retailers in store. You can visit their site to find the closest store to you that sells them.

I love them and I’m sure you will too when you try them!

***Disclosure: I received these Zippie products to review on my blog. I was not compensated or paid in any way for the is post. All opinions are my own.***