Adventures In Comic Con With The 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE Premium!

Hey All!

I recently went on our annual geek road trip to San Diego Comic Con. This year was a bit different since I was going almost 8 months pregnant. I knew being that pregnant was going to be a challenge at Comic Con, but I didn’t care. I simply thought challenge accepted and I had the best time ever. Thanks to the amazing folks at Toyota, they made sure my road trip there was extra comfortable in their amazing new 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE Premium. It was the perfect sized vehicle to take to Comic Con. This was the Radiant Green Mica color, which I LOVED with a passion. It’s a color I always dress in or use here on the blog.

The car is super sleek and modern looking. I mean look at the door handles for the back seats.

The handle is at the top like a car from the future. When you first turn on the car it has a feature that when the side mirrors come out it projects the car logo on the floor. See the video below to check out what it looks like.

How cool is that folks?!! I love that so much!

Inside it had all the features we like for our road trip like bluetooth technology, which we set up immediately to listen to our nerdy road trip playlist.

It had duel side controls for the air conditioning, so we could each control the temperature of the air being blown on us. I like it super cold and my husband doesn’t like it that cold, so we both win.

I also wanted to make sure we were synced up so we could answer the phone with out having to reach for a phone if we were driving.

We could also answer the phone or control the music, radio, and volume from the steering wheel as well.

The car was incredible on gas! We only had to fill up one time to come back home from San Diego. One tank of gas got us there, and let us drive around for 5 days. That’s beyond fuel efficient in my book.

I also loved this light above the visor mirror, since it made make up checks for me a breeze.

I also loved the trunk space it had. Having a lot of trunk space when you go to Comic Con is a must. We come back with so much stuff, we need any car we bring to have a big roomy trunk. It also has Projector-beam halogen headlights with auto on/off feature. This came in handy while driving at night.

We made it to San Diego Comic Con in a breeze in this car. We immediately parked and checked in at the hotel, then we headed over to the con.

I couldn’t wait to get my Comic Con adventure started.

Here are just some of the fun things we got to experience while at Comic Con.

We saw the Her Universe geek couture fashion show.

We got our annual Comic Con themed donuts from the Donut Bar.

We got an exclusive invite to a replica of Deadpool’s apartment. If you can’t tell in he picture above my hubby was very excited about this.

We saw all the Harry Potter character cosplayers come together for an awesome group shot.

We went shopping at Purge City, which was like a fake Party City type store for the movie and new tv show for The Purge.

We got superhero ice cream from these giant tub stations that looked like the tubs of superhero ice cream you can get in stores.

And we saw the stay puff marshmallow man. That’s just some of what we go to do. There was so much that we did and bought that I would be writing for days about it.

We piled everything we bought into the trunk and it all fit perfectly. I told you we come home with a ton of stuff from Comic Con.

Thanks again to Toyota for helping us have another amazing Comic Con this year by providing us with this amazing 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE Premium!

If you’re looking for a nice family car or road trip car, I highly recommend you check out the 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE Premium!

You can find more info on the Toyota Website HERE!