The AMAZING Ji Ga Zo Puzzle from Hasbro! It’s Magical and Perfect for Families!

Hey All,

Have you heard about the amazing new puzzle from Hasbro called Ji Ga Zo?  If you’ve never heard of Ji Ga Zo then you’re in for a treat. This amazing puzzle is much different than the every day puzzle you are familiar with.  There is nothing typical about this puzzle. Ji Ga Zo was originally developed in Japan and just so you know Ji Ga Zo is Japanese for “self-portrait”,  and with Ji Ga Zo, that’s exactly what you do! You create a puzzle using your own images! 

How amazing is that! I found some pics online from an exhibit where they made portraits of everyone from President Obama to the little Mr.Monopoly guy! You really can do wonders with this extraordinary puzzle. The puzzle actually comes with a CD-ROM that has some of these images included on it for the Mona Lisa, a collie dog, a kitten, a panda bear, and MR MONOPOLY so you too could make these works of art at home with your puzzle.

Ji Ga Zo is changing what a puzzle can do. Like the picture above says, this puzzle has 300 pieces that you arrange to create any face or even your own! You simply start out with any digital image and upload it using the Ji Ga Zo software. The software figures out the placement of each piece and builds a unique icon map.

These 300 pieces are specially created with unique colors and shading that let them interlock to create almost any face image you upload. The possibilities are virtually endless and the “face-making” fun goes on and on!

I was thrilled when I received a Ji Ga Zo Puzzle from Hasbro to try since I had heard about it before and it seemed like an amazing revolutionary product to me. I couldn’t wait to try it.

Ji Ga Zo Puzzle was simple for me to figure out. It says for ages 8 and up. If an 8 year old could figure out how to do this, then I figured me and my teen could do this in no time. So all you do is upload the software that comes with the puzzle and seperate all the puzzle pieces by color. Then you pick out a photo that you want to turn the puzzle into.  The software then figures out the placement of the pieces and creates a map of the image according to color. You then sit down and match up the colored pieces according to the color grid that comes with the puzzle. That’s all you do and your done once you match up all the colors on the grid.

Ji Ga Zo leaves you with an amazing image of you, your loved ones, or works of art. What ever you decide to do with the puzzle it will look amazing. And the great thing is you can take it all apart and start all over again.  The possibilities are endless with this amazing puzzle. I highly recommend it!

**Disclosure: I received this product for review by hasbro. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post.**