Amazing Treats for Dogs! Pet Patisserie! Happy Holidays Gift Guide Feature

Hey All!

Are you looking for some great natural treats to gift your puppy or kitty with for the Holidays? Well if you have a pet that’s a picky eater like mine is I have just the shop for you to check out. It’s called Pet Patisserie! The owner makes all these amazing dog and cat treats by hand and I have to say my dog Mr. Pink loves them! He’d eat them all in a heart beat if he got his paws on all his treats.

It’s rare when I find a treat that he likes and doesn’t upset his stomach! He’s a hard one to shop for! I call him a carob holic now since he’s addicted to the carob used to make these chocolate like treats. Carab is what Pet Patisserie uses to make it’s adorable treats.

He loves thes Carob Lollipops in particular! They were supposed to be for the Holidays but he’s obsessed with them and begs for them. So I gave him a Snowman and Santa! He still has a Tree treat like the one in the pic below left and a snowflake!

They come in a variety of Holiday themes!

Like Adorable Christmas Trees!

Or Pretty Snowflakes!

Or snowmen… If My dog Mr. Pink saw all these Santa pops he would probably faint!

My favorite of course is the Snowman lollipop treat! They are all rich carob on top of a chewy rawhide stick for decadent dogs like mine! These lollipops are made with carob, vanilla icing, and Hand-decorated for your spoiled pets.

They makes a great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers for your family pet or for friends and family with dogs of their own! The treats all come very cute in Holiday ribbon packaging and are all freshly made. Colors vary on which pops you order, but if you have a color preference for your treats all you have to do is let the owner know when ordering and she will make them exactly how you want.

She also has these great delicious TRUFFLES for a dog’s! These hand-dipped candy like treats have a crunchy sweet potato cookie center and are covered in sweet carob chocolate (again safe for dogs).

They come in batches of 2 dozen. I bought these as well. He loves licking these truffles like a Tootsie pop. He’ll lick the entire out side off until he gets to the center!

If you want a variety of treats you can also spoil your puppy or puppies with some of their samplers that they are offering.

Like this Holiday Dog Treat Sampler!

Great as a gift for a pet lover! Your treats will come attractively packaged and can include a gift note.
This Sampler comes with:

1 Holiday Lollipop
(your choice-Santa, Snowman, Christmas Tree, or Snowflake)
1 dozen Kanine Kroissants
1/2 dozen Carob Truffles
2 Carob Tartlettes
1 Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato
Gingerbread Man w/Carob Buttons

There is also Carobholics Holiday Dog Treat Sampler which I’m considering on getting since my dog is a true Carobholic now thanks to these treats!

This sampler comes with:

2 Santa Lollipops
1 Carob Tartlette
2 Holiday Hearts
1/2 dozen Carob Truffles

She also has cat treats as well if you have a feline pet that would love some great treats! These treats truly are Fun and whimsical and perfect for spoiled cats and dogs this Holiday. They are all made with human-grade ingredients and are made with care and love by hand by the owner! They are tested on kitties young and old and dogs big and small! 

My Doggy loves them and I’m sure yours will as well! I’m sure your cat will too!

So check out Pet Patisserie NOW at this link:!

The owner would love to offer my readers 5% off your order when you use the code SWAG5!

So hurry and get your orders in. I promise your pet will thank you for it!