An Avengers Donut Recipe & Our 29 Hour Marvel Movie Marathon Experience!


Hey All!

So I’m sure you’ve seen Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron by now. Maybe you just saw it for the first time or the third time this past Memorial Day holiday weekend. What ever the case may be, WE LOVE MARVEL and the Avengers. We’re huge geeks as you all know and I’ve shared time and time again about our geeky adventures in Comic Con. Well last month we took our geekdom to a whole new level when we saw Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron for the second time as part of a 29 hour Marvel Movie Marathon. Yes you read that right! It was indeed a 29 hour marathon.


I lived a whole day and a half in the El Capitan theater in Hollywood, CA. You learn a lot about yourself and your family when you’re living in a movie theater for the day. I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t rough but it was a once in a lifetime experience and anything to get to see Avengers again before it was released.


The event was filled with costume contests, dance contests, fun prizes, and lots of surprise special guests.


Tons of amazing people showed up like Kevin Fiege (The Head of Marvel Studios)…


The one and only legendary Stan Lee showed up with Jon Favreau to kick off the movie marathon with Iron Man 1


Clark Gregg showed up and he brought donuts! Hence why I love the man with a passion…


And the two most awesome men on the planet James Gunn and Michael Rooker showed up to introduce Guardians of the Galaxy! That was probably my favorite part of the marathon.


Crouching in a small chair in a theater surrounded by your fellow geeky families (YES people took their kids out of school to do this. Priorities folks) will teach you the following:

1. Two Marvel Movies in a row will put your kid to sleep. So if you have a child who won’t sleep put two of these movies on and problem solved.

2. When you can’t shower for over a day a fresh shirt and or outfit will make everyone feel at least partly better.

3. Sugar (while it’s not your friend any other day) will quickly become your friend by hour 6 in a 29 hour movie marathon.

4. You will learn to sleep in shifts as you each doze off for different movies.

5. You will have the best bonding experience of your life doing something you never thought you could do as a family together.

That’s what I learned on our 29 hour Marvel Movie Marathon adventure. It was a blast and I’m so happy we did it. Our row was super lucky and we ended up winning a ton of stuff as well.

To celebrate our making it through the 29 hours, I made some Avengers themed donuts when I got home. I thought I would share the recipe with you so you can enjoy them with your family as well!


To Make these donuts you’ll need to make some amazing donuts. I used THIS EASY DONUT RECIPE to make the donuts.

For the icing you’ll need:

  • Black, Red, Green, and Yellow food coloring
  • Confectioners Powdered Sugar
  • 3 tbsp of Milk
  • 1/2 cup of Water
  • 1 tbsp of melted butter
  • 1 tbsp of Vanilla Extract
  • Plastic Squeeze Decorating Bottles

Once you’ve made your donuts and they’ve cooled since they are fried. You then mix up you icing in a mixer or you can mix it by hand as well.


Divide the icing into different bowls for each of your colors. Mix them well until no white is seen and the icing becomes the exact color of your food coloring. For the Hulk donuts you’ll dunk him first into the green icing. You’ll then set him on a cooling wrack or on some parchment paper so the icing hardens a little and sets. You dunk your Iron Man Donuts in the red icing and do the same for those donuts.

With the rest of the icing colors and excess you’ll put those icings into the plastic decorating tubes.


You take the tube of black icing and draw Hulk’s hair and face. You use white icing or some white sprinkles for the pupils of his eyes.


For Iron Man you take the yellow icing and make the yellow part of his mask. It will look almost gold when you put it on top of the red which is great since Iron Man is red and gold.


You then take your black icing and make the rest of the Iron Man face. It’s donut icing so it will bleed together. They don’t have to be perfect (which these aren’t) but it’s just something fun to make with the family.


Hulk approves of his Hulk donut.


He’s always happy to share his donuts with the family.


Let the donuts dry completely before you serve and move!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our 29 hour movie adventure and I hope you enjoy making these Avengers donuts with your family!

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