An Experience of Togetherness To Reconnect!


Hey All!

We recently took a night off from the family to have a date night out at our local Outback Steakhouse. It was a much needed break, as I have been over run with work. It’s been a super stressful time trying to get everything done since school time started. The husband and I also haven’t had much time together lately either. We wanted to take one night off where the “we” family time was not more important than the “me” time to ourselves. Some days you need those few hours of togetherness to reconnect. It works wonders to just get a night out to enjoy some delicious drinks, food and laughter. My husband is my best friend and there is no one else I’d rather spend my away from the kidlets time with.


I enjoy coming to this location because they have outdoor seating. It’s nice to sit outside and take in the fresh air when we dine out.


We also love that this is one of the restaurants that serves our favorite Gold Peak Brewed Tea! It’s an amazing iced tea that tastes home brewed. It is crisp, refreshing and brings a unique sense of comfort to those who love it. No matter how far from home you are, the feeling of home is only a sip away with Gold Peak. The beauty of this particular brand of tea is that they’re delicious on their own, but they are also customizable to fit your taste. When I have to choose between sweet vs. unsweet tea, I always choose sweet! That’s why we ordered the Mango and Raspberry flavored iced teas. I brought along this fun ball jar I was sent to sip my tea in. I figured now would be the time to use it!

We of course did a little toast and cheers when our teas arrived, as we had to celebrate our together time.


We started off our dinner with some warm bread and butter, which complimented our Gold Peak Brewed Tea perfectly.


Can you tell the husband is happy to be out of the house?


We then order our favorite tasty blooming onion appetizer to enjoy before our dinner arrived.


As I ate my pieces of blooming onion, I couldn’t stop sipping my Gold Peak Brewed Tea. It really is one of the best iced teas ever!


In between bites and sips, it was nice to just reach over and hold hands from time to time. It’s a small gesture to show how much we enjoy being together and how much we love each other. Me and my husband are still like two teens in love thankfully.


Our meals arrived shortly after our blooming onion. As you can see below, I tried to keep it slightly healthy by ordering some chicken and veggies for dinner. The husband of course got a steak. He’s truly a meat and potatoes kind of guy.


We enjoyed our dinners and sipping the night away on our Gold Peak Brewed Tea. We had our glasses refilled at least twice during our dinner. It’s that good!


It was such a fun few hours out to have together to ourselves to reconnect. There is nothing like the perfect drink along with the perfect food to make the night all the more special. Taking the time off to be together really allowed us to live in the present and enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday togetherness.

Everyone should really take some time off to have a little togetherness. It gives you the recharge to be excited to go back home to the family. Just like Gold Peak is “The Taste That Brings You Home,” and embodies the unique feeling of comfort that being home brings.

For more information on Gold Peak Brewed Tea visit their website



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