An Interview With Amazing Director Brad Bird!


Hey All!

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the amazing Director Brad Bird in honor of the Blu-ray and DVD release of his film Tomorrowland from Disney Pictures. I have been a huge fan of Brad Bird for some time. In case you didn’t know, he is the Director of The Incredibles as well! We sat down with him as part of a special Disney Home Entertainment media trip that took us to Disneyland. It was fantastic to pick his brain about why Tomorrowland was such a passion project for him to bring to the big screen and now small screen.


Here is what he had to say in regards to why it was such a passion project for him.


Well I think that um when I was finishing up Mission Impossible Goes Protocol uh Damon Lindelof, who is the Producer. One of the Producers and the Co-Writer of the film was doing some work on Mission Impossible and we had lunch and I asked him what he was doing next and he mentioned this project. And we started talking about how the conception of the future had changed since we were kids. When we were kids it was, it was kinda’ like a Jetson’s mentality of like it’s gonna’ be fun. The future’s gonna’ be fun. We’re gonna’ solve hunger and we’re gonna’ get past all the problems with racism and you know every problem is gonna’ be solved and it’s gonna’ be a blast. And we’re all gonna’ have jet packs…


I made sure to point out I was supposed to have a hover board by now.


Yeah, yeah exactly. So we were just going, “When did that change and why did it change?” ‘Cause it’s not that now. If you talk about the future and you wanna’ be taken seriously, it’s an apocalyptic wasteland where we’re all gonna’ die.

I said we’re going to be zombies aparently.


Yeah, zombies or something! “Why did that change and can we make a sort of a fable about that?” Can we do something that’s simple and fun on a popcorn level, but that actually kind of raises some of those questions.

I think he totally captured that message with Tomorrowland. It’s such an interesting question to pose to the world.

We then moved on to asking him about what is one dream that he hasn’t accomplished that yet that he would love to make a reality?


My vision is relatively small.  I just hope to tell a number of stories and I hope to tell different kinds of movies.  I want showmanship to be brought back into movies and have movies not in tiny little cracker box theaters, but big theaters that, that have great sound and there’s some presentation to it. I’m really happy to hear that Quentin Tarantino’s new movie was, not only shot in 70mm but that it has an overture in it, intermission and it’s like, “Yeah! Let’s make that again.”  I have a number of projects that I wanna’ do. Some of them I pitched early on in my career and I could always get money for a pitch. But they didn’t make the movies and now the movies are stuck at various studios. So now they’re a little more interested in doing them and I also want to get to those too. But I’m really happy to be playing with my Incredibles toy set again! I‘m looking forward to getting to work on part 2!


Speaking of The Incredibles 2, I had to ask will Edna have her own short before the film when it’s released? She is my favorite! He then broke out into Edna voice and I turned into a screaming jumping teenager.


I’m not saying. [LAUGHS] She’s not available easily or cheaply darling. Yeah she’s a tough negotiator, so maybe.

We then took a group shot together. You can see me standing next to Brad below. He’s so darn awesome! I can’t wait for The Incredibles 2!


When we were done with the interview we got a chance to see the actually boat used in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. It was so cool to see such an amazing prop on display for only us.


Tomorrowland is on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow!





Be sure to pick up your copy tomorrow!