Are You Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong…in Life? #CharminVote

Hey All!

Are you Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong as a parent? I was recently asked this question and I thought to myself long and hard about what I really am. I find myself with a teen and I need to be both at different times. Teenagers can be extremely sensitive and they can be very hard headed all at the same time. I find myself having to console as well as lay down the law often in the same day. It’s a juggling act, but I can always remember what it was like to be a teenager myself and how tough it can be. They’re going through the motions and hormones are in full force. It’s not something they can control as much, so as a parent you have to do your best to just teach them what’s right and wrong. You have to be soft and gentle with them when you need to be, and strong and tough when you know you have to be.

It’s a juggling act for me personally and I’m sure people with teenagers can relate. I think thinking about these things and trying to be flexible and constantly learning as a parent is the best route to go. I’m a strong believer in you do what’s best for you and your family.

And if you’d like to help decide on a lighter subject (that doesn’t involve parenting) for one of my favorite brands Charmin, you can decide if you’re Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong! Check out the Charmin Campaign where they want you to vote for your favorite Charmin: Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong. What is more important to you and your family? Charmin® Ultra Soft is designed with absorbent cushions that allow you to use less versus the leading value brand. Charmin® Ultra Strong’s enhanced DiamondWeave™ texture delivers a clean you will notice, with the softness you expect from Charmin.

The Charmin 2012 Election is underway and every vote counts! I personally love Charmin and use tons of toilet paper a week. I kid you not. We go through about a roll a week sometimes. So I have a bit of a toilet paper obsession and Charmin is at the top of that list. I think in regards to Charmin, I’m an Ultra Soft girl. Check out this video below for Ultra Soft! Go team #UltraSoft!

So who do you think you’re going to vote for Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong? Visit Charmin’s Facebook page and vote now!

Disclosure:  I was compensated for this blog post as part of the SocialMoms and Charmin blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. For more blog posts on this topic, click here.