Bacalaitos Are A Holiday Favorite!


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Being Puerto Rican and Cuban, there are certain recipes we make for our holiday dinners and festivities that aren’t your typical American dishes. One of those recipes consists of making Goya Bacalaitos. It has been a holiday tradition to make them in my family for as long as I remember. I wanted to share this super tasty recipe with you in case you’ve never heard of them or tried them. You definitely have to try them for the holidays!

If you’ve never heard of them, in English they are called Codfish Fritters. They do not taste to fishy and they are just all around good. When ever I make them for anyone who’s never had them before, I’m always asked if they’re potato and everything else under the sun besides codfish. It’s not peoples first instinct to think they are fish when they first have them. They just know they are good!

Goya bacalaitos

You can make them from scratch using this fabulous Goya Recipe or you can buy the mix already made right here. During the busy holiday season, I get the box of mix because it’s so much easier and quicker to make.

You just follow the directions on the box. It’s as simple as just adding water, mixing, and pouring. In a skillet, you heat 1/4 inch of oil on medium heat. You then drop the Goya Bacalaitos batter by spoonful into hot oil and cook until golden brown. They are a little oily when they come out of the oil, so you can drain them on paper towel. It takes in a lot of the oil.

You then plate and serve while they are still nice and warm. Yum!

bacalaitos and food

I serve these with a mix of our favorite holiday dishes that of course include Goya. Stay tuned for more awesome holiday recipes coming your way soon!

This is just one easy holiday recipe idea we’ll be showcasing for babies the holidays as part of our Happy Holidays Gift Guide.


Stay tuned for more ideas as part of our Happy Holidays Gift Guide 2015!