BACK TO SCHOOL and Tiny Prints!

Hey All!

It’s that time of year again, Back to School time! I always love this time a year, not because I want my kid out of the house, but because I love meeting all my teen’s teachers and all the great Back to School sales that happen. I love shopping for all the school supplies for my teen and being that I went back to school this year, we can shop together for school supplies and share some bonding time with each other.

There is nothing like bonding while shopping for deals. lol.

How do you prepare your kids for the upcoming Start of the School Year? I know some ways we prepare are:

-We head to Disneyland for an end of Summer celebration. We spend the day having a blast and getting excited about back to school. I figure let’s get them as Happy as possible before the school year starts so they go in with a Happy winning attitude! We do it every year.

– We go shopping for school supplies and school books. Tiny Prints has some amazing custom notebooks that are perfect for your child or for you for back to school. You can design them however you want or put your child’s name on the notebook so they never get their notebook mixed up with someone else. I like my child’s belonging to be unique so he never has that problem.

– We also go shopping for some new clothes and shoes for back to school. Kids just love new clothes for school. It’s like they can’t be seen in the same clothes they wore a last year! We always buy a new pair of comfy crocs every year before school starts.

-I start to stock up on healthy snacks so that I can always have a healthy snack to put in their lunches and when they get home from school.

– I get my kids in the habit of washing their hands often and using hand sanitizer so when they get to school they do it there as well. So they won’t catch germs so quickly.

– I always make sure to get yearly vision exams so the kids have no problems with their reading or seeing the blackboard at school.

– I start getting them ready to go to sleep earlier so they can get enough sleep and be ready for the early morning school hours. I don’t want them to start off being tardy for school.

And last but not least I like to make sure my kid is excited to start the new school year and I take the time to talk to him about his feelings and goals for the years. You want to make sure you know what’s going on in your kids lives at all times so you can help take care of any issues they may be having at school.

That’s how we prepare for the school year. I hope you’re having fun with your child preparing for this upcoming school year as well!

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***Disclosure: I will receive a $50 Gift Card to Tiny Prints for writing this post and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***