Beautiful Beasties: A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography #Book #Review

Hey All!

Since I got my amazing camera I’ve been trying to learn to take some great photos! I love taking photos and I’m always trying to take better photographs as I learn to use my camera.  I have to say that I’m loving photography more and more as time goes on. The more photos I take, the more I want to learn how to take better ones.

You can imagine that I jumped at the chance to review a new book which teaches you how to take the best pet photos called Beautiful Beasties: A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography, written by Jamie Pflughoeft! It’s truly an amazing book that is really great for teaching you how to take the best photo’s you can of your furry friends!

She discusses everything from the basics of taking photos to the more complex levels of taking a photo. She also covers what equipment you will need to take the best photos, to lenses, accessories, and the differences in cameras! The book is very helpful if you’re just learning and it’s also helpful if you’re a professional photographer as well.

It’s very easy to follow and it truly gets you to the point of taking great photos. After ready this book I captured this amazing photo of our dog Mr. Pink. At least I think it’s amazing!

In addition to the basics of how to capture the best photos of your pet, she teaches you how to tell a story with your photos and how to know when you can capture the best photos of your pet. She teaches you how to read their body language to capture the best photo as well. It really is a helpful book that I do recommend to all who are just getting starting in photography.

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