Being A Nueva Latina With Orgullosa and Adrienne Bailon!

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Hey All!

I recently had an amazing opportunity to attend a private Facebook chat hosted by Adrienne Bailon. Many of you might know her from the Disney Channel movies The Cheetah Girls. She was chatting with us as part of P&G’s Orgullosa’s Hispanic Heritage celebration.  I jumped at the opportunity to attend this chat and work with Orgullosa as they truly get Latina’s like Adrienne and myself. It was amazing to get to chat with such an amazing Latina celebrity. She’s from NYC like I am and half Puerto Rican, just like I am. I identified with Adrienne a lot to say the least. She gave me a shout out during that chat as she liked the name “The Queen of Swag!” Woot Woot! I asked Adrienne how she felt to be considered a Nueva Latina and fashionista and how much does fashion impact her life today?

She stated she was very proud to be considered a Nueva Latina and to her that means a Latina who’s independent, confident, and proud to be Latina. I couldn’t agree more! She also stated that she loved fashion and how it allows her to express herself and makes her feel good and confident.

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While chatting with Adrienne, She shared great stories about her family and how she grew up in NYC. I could definitely relate growing up in NYC myself. I had very similar experiences going to cuchifrito restaurants and eating lots of Puerto Rican foods!  She shared those same experiences and truly showcased how proud she is to be a Latina.  She is passionate about helping Latina’s empower themselves and she’s also passionate about being a roll model for other Latina’s who aspire to be entertainers one day. I  loved learning about her love for Selena and La India and that’s who she looked up to growing up. She also credits those two amazing Latina Performers with teaching her how to sing and perform.  Adrienne embodies everything that a Nueva Latina should be and she also is the definition of what it means to be Orgullosa!

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Orgullosa celebrates our Hispanic Heritage everyday of the year….because that’s who we are! To honor that pride, Orgullosa has created many fun activities during Hispanic Heritage Month to show how we are “mujeres con LA FALDA BIEN PUESTA”!  Orgullosa also launched a special Facebook tab called the Orgullosa Heritage app that allows the community to honor their heritage by uploading a photo and selecting their nationality to share. It’s super easy to use and I shared my photo and you can see it below! I’m proud to be a Puerto Rican and Cuban woman. Unfortunately it only lets you choose one nationality, but I’m happy to represent either or! Yo soy Boriquq pa que tu lo sepa!


Orgullosa wants Latina’s to join together to recognize our Latina culture and passion to inspire each other because that’s who we are! As a bicultural community, they represent strong, independent women who celebrate having the best of two worlds: one being rooted in their Hispanic culture and the other seizing their limitless potential in the U.S.: The Nueva Latina!

I love being a Nueva Latina and it’s great to know I have a community like Orgullosa to support me.

How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and What does being a Nueva Latina mean to you?