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So How many of you are planning to have Spooky Amazing Halloween Parties this year? I know I am and if you are too, then this is the post for you. I’m hard at work planning my party and if you are as well you’re going to need amazing unique Halloween Party Invitations to grab the attention of the people you’re inviting. Some times you have to entice people to come and experience you’re fabulous Halloween Party! And why not do it with a fabulous Invite.

I found some absolutely fabulous Invites on the web. Like for example:

These Creature Survival Kit Halloween Party invites brought to you by are one of the best and most creative invites I have ever seen! She has taken fabulous invites to a whole new level!

I love them. If I had the time I would make these invites for all my guests. Everyone needs to have a stake, a silver bullet, and holy water when there are on their way to your party. Who knows what ghoulish creatures they will encounter on the way to the party.


She also has these great creative morgue toe tag invites that you can download for free on her blog and use as invites for your party as well if you’d like to do something simpler.

Click on this link:

So you can download these great free Spooky Morgue Toe Tag invitations.

Also check out her design website for some amazing designs located at

Martha Stewart has these amazing Severed Finger in a Box Invitations.

To invite your guests to your party by sending them a plaster cast of your own index finger, nestled on a bed of preserved reindeer moss.

Step 1 Making the Mold

Insert your finger. Remove finger when the mold rubber dries (about 2 minutes)

Step 2 Making the Plaster Finger

Pour quick-dry casting plaster into the mold, and allow to set overnight. Carefully remove the dried-plaster finger: This may require cutting the mold; otherwise, each mold will usually allow one or two more fingers to be cast before a new mold is required.

Step 3 Finishing Details

To make your invitations truly cadaverous, mix India ink and water (1/2 teaspoon ink to 1 cup water), and dab the mixture onto the fingers using a natural sponge. Photocopy the invitation, cut out, and glue to the inside lid of a small cardboard box. Place reindeer moss in the base of the box; using silk embroidery ribbon, tie a “ribbon reminder” around the finger, and place inside the box.

Read more Halloween ideas at Severed Finger Invitation and more creative crafts projects, templates, tips, clip-art, patterns, and ideas on 

MyHalloweenLinks has the following fab invitations on her links site that you can go to by clicking here and blog located here:

And last but not least the creative Cottage Industrialist shares these amazing free fun invites.


I hope you have a great time using these fabulous invites for your Halloween Parties this year. And I hope you’re enjoying my Swaggerific Halloween Guide Features!

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