Bic Mark-It Easy DIY Holiday Gift Bags!

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Hey All!

I was recently given the opportunity to try a slew of my favorite BIC Mark-It markers and I immediately decided to do a craft with my family for the holidays. There is nothing kids love to do more than draw and create. I figured we could use this to help with Christmas. Each family member could make a gift bag using the markers to place their Christmas gifts inside.


My teen decided to make this striped green and red monogrammed bag for my fiance’. He plans to put the gift he got for him inside. It’s super simple bag to make and it took him about 20 minutes to make it.

You simply get some white paper gift bags, BIC Mark-It markers, and some glitter glue pens and gift tags.  You start by first drawing the initial letter on the bag.


You then draw the lines for the stripes.


You then start coloring the bags stripes and the letter in with which ever colors you’d like. He chose red and green since those are the most festive Christmas colors. I would recommend you color in everything on the bag that you’d like colored in before you place any glitter. Of course my teen didn’t listen to me so he had to color around the glitter.


Let the glitter glue dry for at least an hour and then you have yourself a cute personalized gift bag for the holidays. It’s such a fun craft to do with your kids and it really makes them feel like they are giving you a gift from their hearts since they are presenting it in something they made.IMG_9840

I think his bag came out great.


You of course don’t have to make this same design. You can have your kids draw what ever they want on the white bags. Let your imagination run free for the Holidays.

They markers work awesome and are perfect for this and many other crafts for the Holidays.

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What would you draw on the bag with these markers?