Hey All!

Just a quick note! As you can see I have been reworking the design of my blog to make it neater, more professional, and cleaner looking. I actually design everything myself in photoshop since I can’t really afford to pay someone hundreds to do it for me.

I am getting everything ready as I will be transferring my blog over to wordpress and onto my own server and OFF OF BLOGGER! YAY!

You will simply be able to find my blog on

I am starting this process on August 28th and pray for me that everything goes fine and I’ll be up and running quickly! If all goes well, everything on this blog should be transferred over so you won’t even notice the change.

I’m just learning wordpress so please be patient with me as I try to teach myself in a crash course.

Hope you like my new design and thanks so much for following my blog!!!

Only Bigger and better things to come!


  • Just doing some blog hopping and found your site. I know alot of people have been leaving blogger, hope your transition is a smooth one. Would love if you dropped by my blog at when you get a chance. Have a fantastic weekend.