Bringing Out The Bold For The Holidays!

I’m sharing #LISTERINE in my life as part of a LISTERINE ® sponsored series for Socialstars™.


Hey all!

Halloween around the corner, which means it’s costume and party season. I always think of this time of year as the season I need to be bold. I have to do a ton of DIY costumes for the site, model them, and wear them out to a variety of parties and events. I can’t be self-conscious or shy about putting on the costumes I make. I have to be confident and bold each year. I always try to push myself to be a little bolder each year. I have to be bold to dress up like chips and guacamole right? That’s one of the DIY costumes I made this year. You can see it’s a pretty fun costume and I’m not ashamed to show off my curves.


I also am not afraid to dress up like an emoji if I have to. You may not be able to tell, but I don’t really like being in front of the camera. I push myself to feel more and more comfortable with it. I’m not a model, but I’m proud of who I am and how I look. There is always one thing that helps make me feel confident during these shoots. That’s knowing that I have a great smile. I’m not trying to be full of myself in any way. I just take care of my teeth like a mad woman and I’m confident in my smile when I’m taking photos.


I thank my great smile to brushing, flossing, and using LISTERINE® every day. I was excited to learn that two of my favorites joined together as well. LISTERINE® has a new partnership with Target! You can get these bold limited edition LISTERINE® Deco Bottles at a Target store near you! Also if you purchase any qualifying 3 LISTERINE ® oral care products and receive a $5 gift card to Target! They are sold exclusively at Target and


I love these limited edition LISTERINE® Deco Bottles, as they are just as bold in design as I am. I love color and fun patterns and these special designed bottles showcase my personality perfectly. Yes, I like to have bold mouthwash too! Since LISTERINE® already helps me to be bold, it doesn’t hurt to have a great bold bottle as well.


Join me in being bold by getting one of these fun LISTERINE® Deco Bottles at a Target store near you!

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How are you being bold this holiday season?



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