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Qué sabes de Discovery Familia? Nada? Well…It’s an organization that has launched a new initiative called “Camino al Bienestar” which provides Hispanic women with important health and wellness information throughout the year. I truly believe it is so important to educate ourselves about our health as Latina women. There is nothing more important than our health and the health of our babies. Camino al Bienestar is designed to target a specific health topic each month.  Prenatal care, skin care, breast cancer, men’s health, fertility and mental health are just some of the subjects that will be covered this year.  Each topic will be showcased in Discovery Familia programming and in informative capsules presented by Dr. Selene Velasco, as well as on the site Dr. Selene Velasco is Discovery Familia’s health expert. She brings to Discovery Familia years of experience in the field of general medicine with specialties in Nutrition and Chronic Diseases (diabetes and hypertension). She completed her degree in Family Medicine, with a special interest in women’s health, at UCLA. She has also practiced international medicine and was at the epicenter of the H1N1 influenza outbreak in Mexico City, where she has traveled frequently to provide primary care to underserved communities. The initiative also includes a special collaboration with the March of Dimes foundation and songstress Thalía to spread the message.

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Despite the rapid increase of the Hispanic population in the United States, it is estimated that 25% of Hispanic women don’t receive prenatal care during the first trimester of pregnancy. During the month of March, Discovery Familia’s ‘Camino al bienestar’ campaign is dedicated to informing on the importance of prenatal care.

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The series premiere of EMBARAZADAS SIN CONTROL is on March 15th at 10PM EST/PST. The show follows a team of women embarking on a tough goal—to convince a group of pregnant women with bad habits (such as over-eating, drinking and smoking) to change their lifestyles before giving birth. It’s incredible that in this day and age that we have to have programs like this to explain to someone that they should not be smoking or drinking when they are having a baby. It’s the most important thing you will ever do in this world to bring a life into this world and you want them to be a healthy baby. It’s so important to practice impeccable prenatal care when you are pregnant! It shocks me to see women who are pregnant smoking as who doesn’t want a healthy baby? You would think everyone would want their baby to grow up happy and healthy, so they can run around playgrounds and jungle gyms and live a healthy life when they are older. I strongly believe the health of your kids begins in in the womb. It’s a message that truly needs to be shared!


The web site, which will have a section devoted specifically to prenatal care with advice, videos, and infographics with interesting data and information about risk factors.

Here are some of the infographics below. They Are In Spanish por mis Latinas:

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It’s such important information to learn and share!

To Celebrate the launch of this amazing campaign we’re having a giveaway of course!

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This is such an important campaign that will hopefully lead to lots of healthy babies!

Stay tuned for more info on this amazing campaign!


  • " target="_blank">Mary Happymommy

    Aprendi que las mujeres hispanas tienen más probabilidades de sufrir ciertas condiciones de salud, como la diabetes, alta presión arterial, sobrepeso y obesidad.

    I learned that Hispanic women have a higher probability of suffering from certain health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, being overweight and obese.

  • " target="_blank">Amanda Sakovitz

    I love the giveaways and the videos on the site. It’s very interactive.

  • " target="_blank">Ann B.

    Sorry..don’t know if it was my computer or not…but Clicked the link and it kept going down..
    So then It finally opened up the rest of the entries????

  • " target="_blank">Mayela

    Algo que no sabia es que
    La enfermedad del corazón sigue siendo la principal causa de muerte entre las mujeres en los Estados Unidos.
    Que importante es cuidar nuesta salud.

    Something I did not know is that
    Heart disease remains the leading cause of death among women in the United States.
    How important is our private health care.

  • " target="_blank">Thomas Murphy

    I learned that Hispanic women have a higher probability of suffering from certain health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • " target="_blank">Laura J

    I learned that Babies born to mothers receiving prenatal care early and regularly are more likely to be born healthy and full-term babies of mothers who do not receive prenatal care or receive it late

  • " target="_blank">Isabel

    I learn that we have to get prenatal care so when the baby it’s born it haz more possibility to be born healthy
    Thanks for the giveaway

  • " target="_blank">Jennifer Marie

    Reminded me of the importance of prenatal care.

  •" target="_blank">Nombre *lLizbeth Lopez

    Aprendi la importancia de tener cuidado prenatal desde que comienza nuestro embarazo tanto como para el bebe o la mama.

  • " target="_blank">Erica Best

    About 25% of Hispanic women in the United States do not receive prenatal care in the first quarter compared to the target set by the Healthy People 2020 initiative.

    i did not know that

  • " target="_blank">Tabathia B

    I learned that Hispanic women face barriers to obtaining prenatal care services like access to health care

  • " target="_blank">Carolsue

    Camino al Bienestar is a year-round initiative that will offer resources and advice about a variety of health and well-being topics, including prevention, alternative medicine, nutrition and physical fitness.

  • " target="_blank">Jessie C.

    I learned that they offer Mental and emotional health to family.

  • " target="_blank">wild orchid

    I learned that despite the continued rapid growth of the Hispanic population in the United States, Hispanic women are one of the groups least likely to receive prenatal care from early pregnancy (the first quarter).

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
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