Candy Corn Flavored Cupcakes Recipe & Sweet Creations Cake Pop Maker!

I solely received these products for review. All opinions are my own.

Hey All!

I recently received a Good Cook Sweet Creations Halloween kit that included a Haunted Cupcake Display Stand, Haunted House Cookie Cutter set, and Halloween Cake Pops maker. I decided I had to test out each product to get ready for our Halloween celebration. First I wanted to show you the cupcake stand.


How perfect is this Haunted Cupcake Display Stand for Halloween? It’s very easy to assemble and looks fantastic. It’s the perfect centerpiece display for your Halloween Tweets. You don’t only have to display your Halloween cupcakes. You can use it to display mini pumpkins you decorated, Halloween cookies, or anything you want. It’s 3 tiers and the space between each tier is rather large, so you can use the Sweet Creations Halloween Cupcake Stand how ever you’d like. It only costs $12.99 on


I made these Candy Corn Flavored Cupcakes to test out the cupcake stand.

They are very easy to make. Check out the recipe below:


The Halloween Cake Pops maker is also super easy to use and it actually comes with a cake pop recipe on the packaging. So be sure to open it gently if you get this cake pop maker.

Check out how we made our cake pops below!


It’s a bit of a challenge to decorate cake pops I will admit to you. To make the actual cake part of the cake pops is very easy. You simply crumble up your favorite cakes or even cookies and mix it with your favorite flavored frosting. We chose milk chocolate frosting with yellow cake. You let the frosting and cake cool and harden in you fridge for a few hours or you can put it in you freezer if you want it to go quicker. Then you roll the cake mix into a ball and put it on a stick and press it down between the cake pop maker to make the shape. You then dunk them in melted chocolate and decorate with chocolate and candies.

We chose to not dunk them as our kids liked them this way as they liked seeing the faces and shape of the cakes. As you can see above the press really turns them into amazing shapes.

Both these products are sure to make our Halloween celebration amazing this year. I’m now set with two ideas for Halloween!

If you’d like these products as well, you can save 25% off all Sweet Creations Halloween products with coupon code: HAUNTED23. Also for the latest info on Good Cook follow @GoodCookcom on Twitter.

For all my fun Halloween Ideas check out my Halloween ideas on my Halloween Fun Pinterest board.


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  •" target="_blank">Crystal @ Simply Being

    How cute! You did a great job and those tools looks like it made it easier.

  • I want that halloween cake pop maker! Cute!

  • You did such a great job!

  •" target="_blank">In the Hammock

    the candy corn cupcakes sound so delicious!

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  • These look great! I thought I’d let you know the candy corn flavored cupcakes recipe seems to be gone though. =(

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