Learning About The Amazing USHYEE Program Thanks To Verizon Somos FiOS!


Hey All! I consider myself a Latina business woman as I’m running my own business and brand with this site….

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Verizon Innovative Learning Schools! #CreaFuturo


Hey All! When I was growing up my family instilled in me the importance of going to school and learning…

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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With Verizon Somos FiOS!


Hey All! In case you didn’t know Sept 15th through October 15th is Hispanic Heritage month. It’s a great time…

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The Heritage of Tomorrow and Hello Navi!


Hey All! In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month Verizon Somos FiOS recently launched a campaign called Heritage of Tomorrow: #CreaFuturo. Crea…

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Back to School Time With Verizon Somos FiOS!


Hey All! Back to school time is here! The summer came and went didn’t it? It’s amazing how fast it…

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Verizon FiOS Debuts New Content Provider Fusion!


Hola Mi Gente! Verizon FiOS aka Somos FiOS recently debuted a new content provider tab on it’s Facebook page showcasing…

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Check Out The Verizon FiOS Pregame Giveaway!


Hey All! Have you visited the Verizon FiOS Somos FiOS Facebook Page lately? If you haven’t you may want to…

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Verizon FiOS & A Bundle Of Savings! #SomosFiOS


Hey All! If you have Verizon Wireless for your cell phone service and Verizon FiOS for your TV, internet, and…

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