Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With Verizon Somos FiOS!


Hey All!

In case you didn’t know Sept 15th through October 15th is Hispanic Heritage month. It’s a great time that I always love to celebrate as I am very proud to be Hispanic. I’m Puerto Rican and Cuban in case you didn’t know. I grew up with a strong support system and was instilled the importance of education. It’s great to see Verizon Somos FiOS is showcasing this belief as well in their New Verizon Fios campaign Create the Heritage of Tomorrow: #CreaFuturo meaning creating a better future. They’ve had a few videos that you should definitely check out on their Facebook Page.



You can also see their amazing videos on their Twitter account @SomosFiOS. Check out one of the videos in this tweet below:

Crea Futuro means molding the heritage of tomorrow starting today. Crea Futuro is an attitude with the power to transform lives. They are truly stories that will inspire you, tools that you need along the way, and a place to share it all. Technology empowers us to build a better tomorrow. Verizon’s #CreaFuturo initiative seeks to recognize and celebrate those individuals impacting the future today. Verizon Foundation is focused on using technology to solve critical social issues in the areas of energy management, education, and health care. Through the support of Verizon employees and resources, Verizon Foundation helps address the needs of communities around the world. Verizon’s employees are generous with their donations and their time, having logged more than 6.8 million hours of service since 2000 to make a positive difference in their communities.

With Verizon’s technology, we all have the power to help create a better tomorrow. Be a source of inspiration, learn the stories of others, and share your ideas at http://www.verizon.com/creafuturo/social and hashtag #CreaFuturo.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage. Build your legacy with Verizon.

This is part of sponsored campaign as part of an Ambassador program for Verizon FiOS. I am also sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.