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When you’re a lady boss like I am you definitely want to have the best services out there to keep yourself up and running. I thank god there is amazing services and companies like Verizon FiOS around every day. FiOS Internet is the best in my humble opinion. It offers 100% fiber-optics to your home enable equal upload and download speeds. That’s just what I need having a website that needs to stay running 24-7! Who doesn’t spend tons of time on the internet these days?! I know I’m guilty of doing this since I started this site. I do feel more comfortable letting go knowing I’m in good hands with Verizon FiOS! It makes me want to get out and celebrate!


The FiOS fiber-optic network provides bandwidth to meet today’s digital demands and the possibilities of tomorrow. Some providers use a combination of copper and fiber-optics in their networks, but only FiOS brings fiber-optics all the way to your doorstep. And that means a straight shot of information delivered to all your devices. For unsurpassed performance and reliability, a 100% fiber-optic network makes all the difference.

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No one likes to wait, yet Americans have only an average Internet download speed of 10.5 Mbps.* That’s fine for email and online shopping, but for anything else, it’s pretty disappointing. With FiOS Internet SpeedMatchSM, customers enjoy matching download and upload speeds averaging around 50/50 Mbps. It allows you to easily stream movies, play games or upload your favorite pictures, videos and stay connect over video chat with out any issues.

They offer great packages that you can pair with FiOS TV! Why wouldn’t you want to pair the top speeds of FiOS Internet with beautiful HD TV to get the most out of your entertainment. Whether your must-see is a football game or the hottest new movie available On Demand, FiOS lets you see every beautiful pixel in brilliant HD. Choose from 80,000+ On Demand titles—free with your chosen plan—and experience the freedom and control of FiOS Quantum TV.

You can get a bundle of all these amazing services starting at only $69.99 a Month for the 1st year. It will then increase to $79.99/mo. for mos. 13-24 plus taxes, equip. charges, FDV & other fees with 2-yr. agmt.

With this bundle, you will also receive:
  • $300 Visa prepaid card
  • Free DVR Service for 1 Year — Offer ends 6/8
  • Online Only – $49.99 Activation Fee Waived

So hurry up and sign up for some amazing internet and entertainment services that will surely give you the peace of mind to go out and have a little fun with your friends during these warm summer nights. Host a FiOS movie night or get outside and stream your film on your own little makeshift drive in.


The possibilities are endless with Verizon FiOS!

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