Celebrating Women So Hard This Month!

Hey All!

In case you didn’t know, March 8th was International Women’s Day, but the celebration continues all month long as we celebrate all the amazing girl bosses and women who’ve inspired us in our lives. I was raised by three awesome strong women, my mother, my grandmother, and my aunt. With out those three incredible women, I would not be who I am today. They gave me the encouragement and support to go after my dreams and believe in myself. Besides those three women, I also had a few celebrity idols that I looked up to growing up for inspiration. Two of my favorites were Cher and (one of the the most accomplished women in performing arts) the marvelous Julie Andrews. I know you all grew up loving Julie just as much as I did. She just debuted her amazing new Netflix original show Julie’s Greenroom, which is an amazing show that get kids and families singing, acting, designing costumes and much more.

It’s so incredible to see this amazing and inspirational woman still doing what she loves after all these years. It’s an inspiration to women like myself who are chasing their dreams every day.

Julie’s Greenroom

I stop everything to watch this show with the family when it’s on. It’s so fun and inspiring to see a woman still doing what she does best after all these years.

Julie’s Greenroom unlocks hidden passions through all aspects of the arts and gives kids a chance to express themselves. It showcases how the performing arts are not only fun, but great for building character.

Since I’m mostly busy working hard, it’s nice to be able to hand over the iPad or stream on the TV shows like this that my family can enjoy watching while I work. It’s a great show to get kids understanding that achieving the success you want takes work and dedication. With passion, love and creativity you can achieve anything you want to in your life. Being able to see that message being conveyed to kids is inspiring. It’s a message that kids and adults both boy and girls and men and women can learn and grow from.

(Photo: Ali Goldstein/Netflix)

Julie’s Greenroom is just the beginning of Netflix titles that help children grow and learn in different ways. Netflix’s ever-growing selection of children’s titles celebrates creativity through shows like The Storybots, Beat Bugs and much more.

You all know who much I love my Netflix and I never leave home with out it! I either have my app on my amazing new iPad Pro or on my iPhone.

It’s always amazing to have amazing programing that both me and my family can enjoy at all times no matter where we are or what we’re doing. No matter how busy I am, I always have time to “Netflix So Hard” aka binge and enjoy my favorite shows on Netflix. Every time I get excited about a new Netflix show, I put on my Barb t-shirt and break out my giant Netflix and dance! Because that’s how I roll and it’s a month to celebrate being a woman. Nothing says strong woman like not being afraid to do anything you want at any time right?! Dancing with a Netflix included.

Check out Julie’s Greenroom on Netflix and celebrate amazing women like Julie Andrews with me!

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