Cesar Crunchies Dog Biscuits! Your Dog Will Love them! #Cesar #dog

Hey All!

As you all know by now that I have two beautiful dog babies named Mr. Pink and Chico, if you’ve read my blog before at some point you’d know this. Both were adopted from our local rescue organization and shelter.

Mr. Pink photo by thequeenofswag

We got Mr. Pink First from a rescue called “Dogs With out Borders” who got him from our shelter before he was put down. He was picked up in downtown LA and was taken to the shelter twice! YES Twice by who ever had him. He was dumped on the street first and then at the shelter for the second time. But the second time they dumped him with his back leg broken and it had never healed correctly since no one ever took him to the vet. I can’t imagine what kind of pain the poor thing was in at that time. He’s had a hard life but he’s a spoiled baby with me. He’s the perfect Lap dog and is always wanting to snuggle with his mommy after a hard day. He constantly steals a lick to the back of my leg when I’m not looking to show me he’s there and that he loves me. He does this to me and my teen all the time!

Chico photo by thequeenofswag

Chico we got at our local shelter and he’s a pitbull! He was 1 years old when we got him and he’s a bigger baby than Mr. Pink. He doesn’t like being along and just wants to give kisses all day long and play with his toys. He leaps like a gazelle which makes us all laugh and he kind reminds us of scooby doo! Pitbulls have such a bad rap and I hate that people are so frightened of him when we walk him. As soon as people actually meet Chico they see he is the sweetest dog ever. He literally likes to throw his entire body on you and lick you to he can’t lick any more. He’s give you lovings all day if he could. He loves to be hugged and literally hugs back since he’s very big.

I love to treat my dogs to the very best treats I can find for them since they bring us so much happiness. Why not give them the very best when they give so much love right? I was excited to be given Cesar Cookie Crunchies dog biscuits for them to try!

Photo of thequenofswag.com

They are the perfect treats for small dogs and big dogs alike! They are the best dog treats that you can use for training or to reward them for doing tricks! We got the Filet Mignon Flavor…

Photo of thequenofswag.com


Photo of thequenofswag.com

And the Rotisserie Chicken Flavor dog biscuits.

Chico loved them so much he would catch the treats mid air! Here is Chico doing his trick below. Chico loved the Filet Mignon flavor.

Mr. Pink is the lazy dog you just wants to sit in his bed and eat his treats. Mr. Pink loved the Rotisserie Chicken flavor.

Photo of thequenofswag.com

He’ll lay there and eat a million of these treats if you let him!

Photo of thequenofswag.com

He’s so darn cute with his little spotted legs.

Photo of thequenofswag.com

These really are amazing treats for dogs!


What’s great about them is that each treat is only 10 calories so they are great for under active dogs like pink and small enough to use as a reward for tricks or good behavior for an over active dog like Chico!

Our dogs love the new Cesar Crunchies and I bet your dogs will too!

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.