Changing It Up For Autumn!

I’m sharing #LISTERINE in my life as part of a LISTERINE ® sponsored series for Socialstars™.

Listerine Autumn 1

Hey All!

With the Autumn months quickly closing in, that also means the holidays will be coming up soon. During this time I switch up my daily routine, because the holidays are such a busy time. We get a ton of visitors during this time and there are so many holidays to celebrate. Needless to say, A lot of photos will be taken during this time to remember all those fun holiday moments. That’s why I always like to make sure I’ve taken care of my smile by brushing my teeth and then using LISTERINE® HEALTHY WHITE™ RESTORING Anticavity Mouthrinse. I switch to a mouthrise that will help keep my teeth sparkling white for all those photos. My smile and everything I wear and do is a reflection of me, so I want to make sure I look good and feel confident in front of all our guests.

This LISTERINE® HEALTHY WHITE™ RESTORING Anticavity Mouthrinse does just the trick. Not having to worry about my smile and breath helps me feel more bold and confident, so I can focus on all the planning and decorating I have to do for the upcoming busy months.

Listerine Autumn 2

I also make the switch to using a physical planner to keep track of all the visitors and happenings during these Autumn and holiday months.

Listerine Autumn 3

Halloween and Christmas are my busiest holidays, so I actually start shopping and planning for them now. I’m usually done with all our Christmas shopping by November.

Listerine Autumn 5

I also incorporate my fitness routine into my shopping. I make sure I go out to shop for gifts as much as I can as that is part of my fitness routine.

Listerine Autumn 6

Planning, making sure I have enough supplies for our guests to use, and making sure I’m on top of all of our plans becomes my Autumn and winter months routine. It’s a big jump from the fun summer leisurely schedule I have now, but I love the holidays and look forward to it each year.

Listerine Autumn 4

Not being afraid to switch it up makes me always feel bold and ready for any challenge ahead in the upcoming busy months.

Thanks to LISTERINE® for partnering with me to share my bold lifestyle and new routine!

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What do you do switch up your routine in the Autumn?