Chatting With The Cast & Filmmakers of The Captain Underpants Movie!

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In case you didn’t know, the Captain Underpants movie comes out tomorrow! Woot! Woot! I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with the stars of the film Kevin Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, Thomas Middleditch and the filmmakers of the film Director David Soren, (Creator/Author and Executive Producer) Dav Pilkey and (the producer of the film) Mireille Soria! I got to see an advanced screening of the film and I loved it. It’s truly a movie the whole family can enjoy! If you’re a fan of the books and grew up with the books, you will love this movie too! I couldn’t wait to chat with the cast, as I’m a huggggge Kevin Hart fan. Huge is an understatement!

Here is what the cast and filmmakers had to say when we chatted!

How long did it take to make this film?

David Soren: About 5-6 years.
Mireille Soria: I say about 6 Years.
Dav Pilkey: There were many studios trying to get the rights to the book for many years.
Mireille Soria: We had to gain the trust of Dav and that was probably the most important aspect of making this film. We had to make sure Dav was comfortable making his baby!

Dav Pilkey: It’s interesting that you use the word baby, because it does sort of feel like my baby! You want to give that baby as much love and attention as you can, until it comes of age and you hope that baby meets someone who is wonderful, loving, caring, and understands it. They really did!

For those not familiar with the books, are all the characters in the film from the books.

Dav Pilkey: Yes! The books and the film may be called Captain Underpants, but the book and movie are really about the two kids who are best friends, George and Harold!

What was the most important aspect from the book that you wanted to make sure the film makers kept in the film?

Dav Pilkey: I wanted to make sure the characters really stayed true to who they are in the book. That’s one of the things we discussed very early on in the production process.

Dav Pilkey concluded the interview by drawing Captain Underpants in all of our Books! How cool is that!

He’s so darn amazing!

We then chatted with Kevin Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, and Thomas Middleditch? Kevin Hart of course came in speaking in Spanish saying his “My name is Kevin and what is your name?”! He also proclaimed he was the black guy in the movie. It was hilarious!

Kevin and Thomas praised Ed about his performance in the film, since he performs two characters in the film, the mean principal and Captain Underpants!

Were you familiar with the books before signing on?

Kevin Hart:

I knew of the book and was familiar with the book, but I had never read them. Once I came onto the movie, I wanted to make sure I read them and was educated on every aspect of the books. The books have now been around for generations!

How did you become involved in the film?

Kevin Hart: They came to me and asked do you want to be in Captain Underpants and I said I’ll take it! You’re talking about the book that made a lot of money!


You had the opportunity to do some table reads together and workshops. What was the chemistry like between you all?

Thomas Middleditch: A lot of the times when you do voice over work, you just come in and record on your own and you’re done with it. But in the beginning, not only was it good for us to come together to do those things to get into a groove of everything, but it was good for the filmmakers as well. They were still shaping everything regarding the story of the movie and script. So it helped them too! It was a totally different story when we first started. So after coming together and recording a lot changed and some totally different things happened, from when we first started. We’ve watched it progress into what it ends up being on the big screen!

Ed Helms: Yes, the product is very limited when you just put people in a booth. It’s not as collaborative when you do it that way. I think just being able to connect early on with each other and also being able to pitch ideas about the movie, was fantastic. Dreamworks has been amazing about asking us for ideas and being very collaborative with us. At the end of the day it’s more fun for us to do it this way and the product is just so much better. It’s probably more difficult to do it how we did, from a production standpoint, But it’s so much better this way!

Do you all get nervous still when making movies?

Kevin Hart: I don’t get nervous. I’m a big deal! No, of course! Nervous energy is good energy! It doesn’t mean anything bad. It just means their is excitement. Like I’m nervous about having another baby, but I’m excited as well!

Congrats to Kevin Hart!

Kevin Hart is always so positive and brightens my day when I watch his comedy specials or follow him on social media. I had to ask him what inspires him to always be so positive and want to spread that positivity to the world?

Kevin Hart: It comes from my outlook on life! Life is amazing and you should take advantage of what’s given to you! I think some people spend a lot of time focusing on what you don’t have, never realizing what you do. I’m very much happy that I’m in the position I’m in, but I think it’s so dope that I’m responsible for bringing joy to peoples lives and I smile at. I try to do it to the best of my ability. If I can make people smile, I’m making the world better in my own way. That my outlook. That’s what keeps me going!

They were all so amazing to chat with! I loved meeting them!

Don’t forget the movie is in theaters tomorrow! Go see it!

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