Chatting With The Cast of Supernatural!

As is tradition for every year at San Diego Comic Con, Sunday (final day of the con) the biggest ticket in town is the press Q & A with Supernatural, and I was fortunate enough to get a few inside details with cast Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Misha Collins (Castiel), and producers and Robert Singer. During the Q & A, each member spoke about what is upcoming in Season 13, the now official spinoff Wayward Sisters, the now infamous upcoming “Scooby Doo Episode”, and what one actor thinks would be a fitting end for his character.

When asked about what is in store for the boys in Season 13, Andrew Dabb commented that whereas the end of Season 12 blew up Sam and Dean’s family in a dramatic way, “Season 13 is about kind of rebuilding from the rubble of that.” Getting into what they plan to do about the son of Lucifer, he explained there will be a debate of nature versus nurture. Jared Padalecki said that Sam sees a lot of himself in Jack (the niphilim spawn of Lucifer), having had demon blood since before he was 1 year old and as such destined to do evil. Then with Sam being the vessel for Lucifer and Jack being the spawn of Lucifer, Sam relates and is trying to justify his own existence by helping guide Jack to use his powers for good.

Jared continued that Sam fears too much power which is why he constantly declines the leadership role. Having had Lucifer and ultimate power he feels that he himself cannot be trusted. Jensen Ackles said that with the loss of Mary and Castiel, Dean can only process that he must deal with the most prevalent threat: Jack the spawn of Lucifer and neutralizing it as a threat. From this point we will see where the conflict stems with Sam wanting to believe the half human side of Jack can prevail in a nurture over nature situation and all Dean wants to do is shoot it in the face. Whereas the boys in Season 12 were primarily on the same page, because the British Men of Letters were so clearly bad guys, this new season will see them dealing with conflict between each other. Continuing the subject of the “Big Bads” of Season 12, Singer stated that while the British Men Of Letters storyline is done, we may see individuals from the organization pop up.

On the subject of Castiel, Misha stated that Castiel will be dead for a while, but refused to disclose exactly how long it would be until his character’s return. Misha did mention how when Castiel does return, it will be in a way that he has not been seen before and will be unexpected. Castiel will be in another realm (not the rift) and will be there with one other male character played by “a really amazing actor.” To this comment Misha realized that he revealed the gender of this undisclosed character. When asked if any other alternate universe characters may be appear in the rift, Robert Singer said that they are starting to think of characters and have one in mind specifically, but did not want to disclose too much because the character will be appearing in a different form then from which they are known.

Dabb dropped confirmation and details on the “Scooby Doo Episode” first stating that is going to be completely a standalone episode. Dabb recalls that the idea of an animated episode was first brought up back in Season 5. Because of the difficulty in producing something so complex, it was passed on but never forgotten with it being brought up again 4-5 times over the years. Then in November of 2016, Jeremy Adams (cowriter on the episode) called Dabb asking if they had ever considered doing a Supernatural/Scooby Doo Crossover Episode. Dabb admitted they had not and wished they had thought of it years ago. The idea was brought to Warner Brothers, who also owns Scooby Doo, and the powers that be said yes because of their faith in the show and their trust in the producers.

This decision was made so far in advance, Supernatural had not yet even been picked up for Season 13. Since then, the cast has recorded the episode’s dialogue and the animators have begun work. When asked about the “Scooby Doo Episode”, Jensen Ackles expressed excitement to see the episode due to the energy he felt in the studio while they were recording their dialogue. He continued that Jared, Misha and he were all together and there were even cameras filming them; fingers crossed for that to be in the DVD’s special features.

On the topic of the spinoff Wayward Sisters, Dabb stated that the subject was brought up way back when the character of Claire Novak was first introduced. Now with Sheriff Jodie caring for both Alex and Claire, the producers went to Warner Brothers saying that with these 3 strong female characters there is a potential for something special that does not currently exist. Whereas Supernatural is a road show, Wayward Sisters will be based in Sioux Falls. Like Supernatural, Wayward Sisters will be about people coming together and being a family.

The ultimate selling point did come in the form of fan support with producers being able to site love of the established characters. Adding to the concept of Wayward Sisters not being a roadshow, Robert Singer mentioned that there will be a “Hellmouth” situation that the kickass women will have to battle. Singer also mentioned that a third adopted daughter will be joining the show. Clark Backo, officially cast on the day of the con, will be joining as the granddaughter of the powerful psychic Missouri Mosley (Season 1) with whom she shares the gift.

When asked if Jensen foresees a happy ending or guns blazing ending for Dean, Jensen replied that a happy ending just isn’t in the cards for Dean but there will likely be a satisfied ending with guns blazing. At this moment I inquired which ending Jensen would prefer for Dean Winchester.

Jensen: “I don’t know. If you had asked me this four years ago I would’ve been like ‘Guns Blazing’ absolutely. But the hanging it up, seems to me like a much more interesting and emotional ride. Especially if say Sam is gone and Dean decided not to try and bring him back, or can’t bring him back. And he’s decided that ‘I’m done with it all.’ That to me would be more heartbreaking than guns blazing. So I always think that that’s a story I would want to watch. Guns blazing…Butch Cassidy Sun Dance is fun, it’s got a nice ring to it. But for my money I would want to see a heart breaking story. That just makes for better TV.”

On the subject of whether Jensen will be directing any episodes this season, he replied that he passed this season. With his new babies at home, he wants to spend as much time with them as possible.

Jesse Delia