Chatting With Ana Patricia Gonzalez About Charmin!

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Charmin and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


Hey All!

As part of the special Charmin with the scent of Chamomile campaign I’m working on, I was given the opportunity to ask a few questions to Charmin spokesperson Ana Patricia Gonzalez. If you’re not familiar with her, Ana Patricia is one of the co-hosts for “Despierta America”, the highest-rating live news and entertainment morning show from Univision. Before joining the “Despierta America” team in 2012, Ana Patricia was featured in “Nuestra Belleza Latina” in 2010. Since then, she has been a reporter and correspondent for various shows within the network, including “Despierta America”, “El Gordo y la Flaca” and “Premios Juventud”.

For Ana Patricia, Charmin with the scent of Chamomile is a small comfort that makes her feel more at home. She has infused the tradition into her own life and enjoys the way it soothes her family and guests when they visit. Ana Patricia believes the small details make the biggest difference. Along with your questions, we encourage you to find out more about why the small details matter so much! As a beauty queen and television personality, Ana Patricia knows how to make a good impression! She is happy to share special tips for entertaining guests and advice about making others feel comfortable.

Charmin introduces Charmin plus the scent of Chamomile. Each roll has the scent of Chamomile added to the tube to create a bathroom experience that soothes all of the senses. For those who grew up with scented bath tissue, this can be a small way to carry on a family tradition. If you’re looking for a new way to freshen up your bathroom, Charmin plus the scent of Chamomile helps provide your family a soothing bathroom experience.


This interview was conducted in Spanish, but here is the Spanish and English translations of the interview:

1. ¿Cuál es el cambio más importante que puedes hacer en tu hogar para convertirlo en un lugar más sereno para relajarte?


Yo soy una persona muy sencilla en cuanto a decoración, no me gusta tener muchos adornos o cuadros porque para mi un lugar sencillo bien decorado y sobre todo organizado es más relajante, siempre tengo jarrones con flores porque le da un toque de armonía.

What is the one major change you can make to your home in order to make it a more serene place to relax in?


I am a very simple person when it comes to decorating. I don’t like having a lot of ornaments or frames because for me a simple, well decorated and organized place is more relaxing and I always have vases with flowers because it brings harmony into the room.

2) ¿Cuál es tu parte favorita de trabajar en un show como “Despierta America”?


Que puedo ser yo misma en todos los sentidos, tengo la libertad de expresarme y de igual forma aprendo cosas nuevas, no solo en conducción, sino en temas reales que se tocan cada día.

What is your favorite part about working on a show like “Despierta America”?


I love that I can be myself in so many ways, I have the freedom to express myself and also learn new things each day, not only about conducting, but also about real topics that we touch upon each and every day.

3) ¿De todas las celebridades que has entrevistado en el show, cuál ha sido tu favorita y por qué?


Shakira definitivamente, es una mujer que transmite paz y te dan ganas de abrazarla, no solo porque es una gran estrella, sino por lo que inspira, fue muy humilde y atenta con todos.

Who is your favorite celebrity to interview on the show and why?


Shakira, definitely. She is a woman that transmits peace and you just want to hug her, not only because she is a huge star but also for what she represents. She was very humble and mindful of everyone.

4) ¿Que tiene Charmin te motivó a asociarte con la marca?


Desde pequeña crecí con la fragancia a manzanilla y en México se usaba mucho el papel higiénico con fragancia, me pareció increíble que se hayan inspirado en eso y hayan creado Charmin con fragancia a manzanilla porque me transporta a momentos felices de mi niñez.


What was it about Charmin that made you want to partner with the brand?


Since I was a little girl I grew up with the chamomile fragrance and in Mexico we used a lot of scented toilet paper. I think it’s great that they were inspired by that and created Charmin with the scent of chamomile because it transports me to happy moments from my childhood.

Charmin with the scent of Chamomile is available at mass retail stores throughout the US. Pricing is at the discretion of the retailer. For more information on Charmin with the scent of Chamomile follow Charmin Latino on Twitter!