Chatting With Jaimie Alexander of Thor: The Dark World! #ThorDarkWorldEvent

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Thor: The Dark World is now heating up the box office and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to interview some of the talent from the film. Thor is by far one of the best Marvel franchises as it not only showcases amazing Super Heroes and Villians, but it also shows powerful female characters like Jane Foster and Sif. I sat down with Jaimie Alexander (Sif in Thor: The Dark World) and she had a lot to say about what she had to do to prepare for the film and where she wants to see the character go if she gets the opportunity to play her character again.

Jaimie- Alexander

Being the comic book geek that I am I had to ask her about her characters romantic relationship with Thor in the comics? I wanted to know if we get to see any of that love triangle in this film.

“You know, it’s always going to be a little bit of a love triangle you know. They hint at it a little bit in this film. They can’t go fully there yet, but they definitely hint at it. It’s always fun because that’sin the comic books and we definitely want to appease the fans. So, we put that in there. I look at him a few times. Unfortunately he’s not shirtless in front of me, but that’s fine, it’s all right.”

Jaimie- Alexander-2

Jaimie has some major sword fighting acting in the film, so we had to know how did she prepare herself for this role?

“I worked with a dialect coach to have a British accent, although in this film it’s a little bit more relaxed. And then I also trained for about two months, weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, on the Reformer. Which was something new for me. You give me a machine like that, it’s like you’re asking for me to just hurt myself. I did a lot of fight training with a wonderful stunt girl named Chloe Bruce. She is a world champion martial artist and she’s a little scary. I mean, when you first meet her, she’s great. And then you’re like, “Oh. Whoa. You can bend your leg that way. I’m gonna go over here.”

When asked what would she like to see her character do next if she had the opportunity to play her again, Jaimie responded:

“You know, I think it would be fun to play two different characters. I would love to see Lady Loki come into the picture, because I do believe that they would have me play both, which would be fun. So, selfishly, I would like to see Lady Loki happen.”

I would totally geek out if Lady Loki did happen and Jaimie could tell I was already doing my version of geeking out for Thor as she noticed my dress!

“Your dress is very Asgardian, by the way. I like it. I love that, I do that all the time. I’ll be like, “This looks like something my character would wear. I’ll take it.”

And the big question we all had was are we going to see Sif pop up in “Avengers 2”?

“You know what? I would absolutely love that. But they haven’t told me a yes or a no, so I have no idea. I think that they did that on purpose, so I wouldn’t spill the beans. So I’m not sure. But, fingers crossed, that would be a very fun thing to do!”

At the end of the interview she was kind enough to take a group shot with us! She was amazing to meet and chat with and her red carpet dress was to die for!


Thor: The Dark World is in theaters now.

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