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It’s not every day that you get to chat with the cast of what would become one of the biggest action super hero movies ever made. I’m lucky to have gotten the opportunity to chat with the stars of Captain America: The Winter Soldier! I chatted with the Winter Soldier himself Sebastian Stan about his role in this film and how he prepared for this action packed adventure. You may also know Sebastian from his role as the mad hatter on the hit ABC show Once Upon A Time. He’s pretty much great in any role he takes on.

Here is what he had to say about his latest role:

What was your reaction when you found out that you were coming back as a soldier?


I always played that moment in my head over and over again when I was going to get that phone call. No matter where I was at the time, I was thinking I was going to be somewhere in New York on a crowded street, regardless I was going scream and just have this big reaction. It’s actually the opposite that happened. I was just sort of quiet and still and was trying to replay the conversation in my head and was just really excited. I mean for me it’s really been two years of sort of not knowing what was going happen next.

Was it difficult to change form from Bucky into the winter soldier?


Well, yes and no. I would say no in the sense that everything is so spelled out for me in the comic books that I sort of feel like I have that to follow as a guide. Yes in that certain things from comic books often are not so easily translated to the screen, and so there were things visually that were new that we had to discover about the character. I mean in the comic books there was a lot of information but in terms of how the winter soldier moved, how he behaved, what his presence was like on screen, those were all things I had to sort of discover once I was in the outfit and when we were actually shooting the movie. And that was more difficult I suppose. At the end of the day the most difficult part was playing someone that’s very different while at the same time the same person.

Talking about the outfit, the training for your part and then working with your metal arm in the movie, was that difficult at all?


Yes the training is really hard for me. I mean I was never really used to that type of training before. Some of the diet and the working out that was happening six months before we started shooting was really difficult at times. You’re learning to fight and it’s basically just like going to dance class. The thing is you just have to have patience, and it’s really hard, you might get it quickly and you’re excited, you see the stunt guys are just phenomenal and you just wanna jump in and do it. But the whole thing has to be so planned out and detailed, and you can’t have a lot of room for errors because people can get hurt. So, just practicing that and repeating that everyday for about two to three months I’d say was hard, but the results were always very gratifying.

How do you mentally prepare for a roll like this in terms of playing someone who doesn’t even know who they are?


Well, it’s funny the way things happen in life. Sometimes when you pay attention to certain things that happen in life. I don’t wanna get too down here or anything but my stepdad was actually recently diagnosed and dealing with Alzheimer’s. He’s been going through that for at least the last two years. So it was interesting because while that sort of process was very painful as an observer, It kind was one of the things that I found to be very helpful for me to kind of observe as somebody going through Alzheimer’s. What their behavior is like and the way they are because even though they don’t know certain things anymore, who they are per say, there is still that struggle within them to wanna try and kind of know things. They respond to certain things they see or sounds that they see, a song or something kinda triggers a memory, and so it’s a very weird internal battle. I watched him a lot for some sort of reference.

Who’s your favorite superhero and who’s your favorite villain?


I don’t know. I don’t know if I have one. With these movies now especially now that I’ve gotten to know the Captain America storybook so well. I’m kinda biased and they’re sort of like my favorite. You know, if I had a choice and they were to come up to me and go do you want to be a character in the Captain America storyline or the Ironman storyline, the Thor storyline, I would definitely pick the one that I’m in. And favorite villain, I’ve had a few. I mean the T-1000 was always somebody that I thought was an incredible villain. The joker, both performances were phenomenal. Gary Oldman in The Leon? What’s the movie that he did? The Professional! That’s a great villain, he’s played quite a few. Then the Terminator in Terminator Two was another one, I mean those were all really great villains so that I was in my head very aware of. When you do have a really good villain that’s a realistic threat the movie is so much better.


Since you’ve read a lot about Bucky, you know that he actually becomes Captain America. Are you prepared to become Captain America if the future of the franchise goes in that direction?


Well listen, I mean I’m just going to treat it the way I’ve been treating it. Whatever I’ve done so far has gotten me here. So, I’m not going to change very much of what I’m doing. We’ll see what happens.

When you were first cast as Bucky in the first movie, you hadn’t read any comics before, then you started reading them. Did you know that Bucky would come back to like as a winter soldier later? Or did you think he was dead?


Well I didn’t because I hadn’t read anything and there was no script for Captain America when I was auditioning for Steve Rodgers, not Bucky. Actually all I really had was a scene between Steve Rodgers and Bucky and I was auditioning for Steve Rodgers. You know obviously I looked up things about Steve Rodgers but I never looked up anything about Bucky and then I didn’t get that and then you know I sort of thought that was that. And I actually on purpose didn’t wanna read any of the comic books or anything going into the audition process because I wanted to sort of just have a fresh perspective. But then when I talked to them about Bucky after that, then they educated me on the story.

Sebastian does an amazing job as The Winter Soldier in this film!

He was kind enough to take a group shot with us and of course I snuggled up to him since he is a cutie!



Run out and see it! You don’t want to miss it on the big screen!

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